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Spotify is testing “Hey Spotify” voice assistant

Hey Spotify voice assistant is in testing phase

The technological world of voice assistants is about to get a new companion. This time it is the music app Spotify’s in-app feature. Spotify has been revealed to be testing a voice assistant that goes by the name “Hey Spotify.” With the ready availability of Google and Apple’s voice assistants, it is not yet clear as to why Spotify needed another similar system in place.

The in-app feature is currently in its testing phase. It is a reason that might explain, partly why the feature lies somewhere deep inside the settings page of the app. The tool has been hidden at the moment. A regular user can visit the main app’s settings page by clicking on the settings option, and it is there that she would get to see the voice assistant feature.

Right at the moment, it is not clear what you shall be able to make use of the voice assistant. There is no information about the number of voice commands that are available or, for that matter, which of these would be made available. But, it can be understood given that the same is under the covers much akin to a hidden testing phase. It was the reverse app engineer Jane Manchun Wong who sneaked into the new feature in a bid to activate a hidden settings option in the streaming app.

When you click on the settings, there are voice and microphone permissions. Apart from that, there are additional voice terms that give all info regarding the stuff that you need to know. Sandwiched between the two, the command to control the voice assistant has been inserted. The feature has been tagged as “Hey Spotify.” Under this head, it specifies that if you enable the voice assistant, the app will be able to listen to “Hey Spotify” when the app is open and there on your screen.

That the tool could make a break into the main app anytime soon, but that also means it should be going under the hammer of a plethora of tests. So users would be advised to keep updating the app as and when a new update props up. The music streaming service is surely coming with a voice feature of its own. And it is hopefully intended to provide a better streaming experience for music listeners that use Spotify while driving a car.

Spotify might be working dedicatedly towards a driving interface. But a music streaming system that gets opened suddenly when you need it is the most cherished one when it comes to entertainment while driving. There is no doubt that such an interface requires extensive detailing. Spotify is working towards building a robust car view interface.

As a dedicated user, if you wish to keep a close tab on all the latest development on the insides of the app and want to receive the new features as one of the first users, then updating the app timely is always recommended. You can just as well land yourself as part of a beta test or on that note- the latest release in the coming days.

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