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Spotify Tests a New Feature called ‘In-App offers’

Spotify tests a new feature called ‘In-App offers’

Spotify has a solution and a new feature in its existing app, so users never forget the promo code of a podcast advertiser. The company announced that this new feature would be tested soon by them under the name ‘In-app offers,’ which will allow podcasts to have an embedded link on the episode pages, connecting the listener to the advertiser’s webpage when it is tapped. 

This new feature is designed so that, when the new web page opens, it already has the promo code loaded in it. This way, users don’t have to remember the promo codes shown in ads or try to find the advertiser’s website on their own. 

The ‘In-app offers’ feature is part of Spotify’s plans to make their platform more interactive. Listeners can expect more of Spotify’s interactive ads and create a direct funnel for brands. It has been confirmed by the company’s head of ad business platform, Jay Richman, that the company is looking for ways to add more interactive ads.

Richman also says that with such a feature, it would help them build a road map that they would eventually follow for the coming years in terms of the ad business. They view this as an opportunity to create a new model and is a road to the larger path of innovation to productize the coupon code. 

The test that Spotify is doing for the new feature will begin with Harry’s in the US on the podcast Last Podcast on the Left, and in Germany, the same will be done for Hello Fresh on the podcast Herrengedeck. As long as the campaign for this runs, the interactive tool will be live on the podcast pages, so it is given that all listeners might not be able to witness the new feature. 

Spotify has had a long-term plan with the ad business and its addition to their platform. The beginning of it was launching the Streaming Ad Insertion technology in January, which allows us to add ads on podcasts while listeners are listening to them. 

The company further plans to expand its technology to additional advertisers in the US and selective ones in Germany. Currently, the app has 100 monetizable shows as the technology that Spotify has is being used on its exclusive shows only.

The expansion of advertising on the front end comes from the company’s aim of ensuring advertisers wish to spend money on their programming over others. The future could be different though for the company with the plan of opening up the technology to outside users. Surely, more revenue is bound to come in.

Image source: TheVerge

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