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Spotify Ventures into an Esports Partnership with Riot Games

Spotify ventures into an esports partnership with Riot Games

Spotify has tied up with Riot Games for its very first esports partnership. The music streaming and media services provider firm is set to become an international audio service provider for League of Legends, an online game owned by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS. In short, Spotify would now be considered as the Global Audio Service Provider for the LoL games. The music-making company plans on releasing a lot of new content related to the League of Legends for its users. It is taking efforts to produce authentic and complete content that goes well with LoL esports. 

The terms and conditions of this deal have not been disclosed. However, Spotify would be a part of the ad listings that would be coming up during the LoL broadcasts.

Spotify is also entitled to receive in-gaming signage. It is a chunk of the Summoner’s Rift Arena Banners project launched by Riot Games at the beginning of this year. Spotify would be the presenting partner of the Game 5 clashes between groups involved in the best-of-five match. 

League of Legends has been into music creation for quite a few years now for its video game franchise. For most of its soundtracks, it serves as both the label and the distributor. 

So far, Spotify has not stated anything with regards to the release date for this podcast. However, it claims that this launch is “already in the pipeline for this year.”

Apart from this, Spotify is also planning to create a formal center or a hub consisting of all the latest sporting music, playlists, and audio casts. It would also contain the playlists for the “Official League of Legends” and the “This Is League of Legends.” LoL lovers would also get to view a few glimpses of the moments that would be involved in the making of the World’s Anthem, which would be an exclusive feature for LoL’s World Championships.

Naz Aletaha, heading the global esports partnerships and business development of Riot Games, stated that “Music is already such an important part of the League of Legends esports universe and one of the many ways it deepens our fans’ engagement in the sport and game.” He further went on to say, “Creating this hub, which will house our music, new podcasts and playlists inspired by the gaming community, is going to create this compelling destination for League of Legends fans around the world.” 

Spotify is progressing towards widening the scope of its catalog from last year. It has particularly shown a lot of enthusiasm in the field of sports and esports. By acquiring Gimlet Media and The Ringer, Spotify has owned some of the largest ever podcasts present. The organization has also established a tie-up with some firms like DC and former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama to produce a wide range of scripted podcasts as well as unscripted.

June Suavaget, the global head for consumer and product marketing in Spotify, said, “This is a new way of approaching how two companies can come together. As we think about our audiences, it’s no secret that gaming audiences are extremely important and have significant overlap with Spotify audiences. We do have a lot of content on our platform related to sports, and gaming is a passion point for our audience …but this partnership is the first of its kind.” 

There are also some reports stating that Spotify is involved in testing a functionality wherein videos can be embedded in podcasts. It would be like adding another feather to its audio content. 

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