Sprint’s latest offer: Get your cracked Samsung Galaxy screen repaired at just $49

Sprint to fix broken samsung galaxy screens at just 49 dollars

Did you accidentally drop down your Samsung Galaxy phone causing its screen to crack? Or did your toddler throw your phone thinking it to be a toy? Well, if you own a Samsung Galaxy and in case its screen has cracked or broken, then don’t bother much. You can get your cracked screen repaired at a pretty affordable price. Yes, you heard it right. Well, Sprint has an offer- it would be repairing cracked Samsung Galaxy screens for just $49. This offer would be valid until the 9th of February 2020. 

Which phones are eligible under this offer? 

Now, a very important point to be noted here is that this offer is applicable for all the eligible phones irrespective of any carrier. People who own the below-mentioned phones can make use of this offer:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note8

It may be quite interesting to note here that the above list is not inclusive of any of Samsung’s latest devices. However, this may be due to the fact that the repairs for the latest models might be a bit on the higher price side. But people who own models mentioned in the above list, they can take maximum advantage of this offer. Consider this: repairing a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone from uBreakifix would cost about $200. 

What are the perks of this offer?

One important thing to be noted here is that in order to get the phone’s screen repaired at $49, the device must be in good working condition. Also, it may not be possible to repair all the broken phone screens. This could be due to the fact that some phones could be damaged beyond repair. In case a phone cannot be repaired, Sprint allows the customer to sell that phone for $150. Consider this: Sprint would offer a new Galaxy S10 or Note 10 for $150 in exchange for an old phone. 

Getting a new Samsung Galaxy S10 or Note 10 for $150 also has a few conditions. Sprint says that it requires either an iPhone 6s and higher configurations or either a Galaxy S5 and higher configurations. One may never know! He may just go to the store for repairing his iPhone6, and he may end up getting a new phone!!!

Also, a customer can avail of this offer for only one of his/her devices. This is quite logical and understandable. Also, this facility would be available at Sprint stores that offer repair services. Furthermore, it is not necessary that customers can get the phone repaired within a day. It may take a little time. 

People who own any of the above-mentioned devices with either a cracked or a damaged screen, it is advisable to head towards the nearest Sprint store. After all, repairing a cracked screen never comes at such an affordable price. When Sprint is offering such a catchy offer, it is the best time to get your device repaired.

Image Source: Engadget

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