Star Wars Instant Pots are here with stunning looks; How about Cooking?

Star Wars Instant pots image

Instant Pot has released a very eye-catching series with the new Star Wars line, and we cannot help but gape! This is what results when Williams Sonoma partners with Star Wars. Instant Pot has made a new collaboration with our favourite and ever cherished sci-fi adventure franchise, Star Wars.

Be ready to look, get surprised and hug onto more of such Star Wars-themed merchandise. R2-D2, Darth Wader, Chewbacca, BB-8 and Stormtrooper are just a few among some of the recent line of products.

And it appears to be just a beginning. But we are not even fooling around since the new Instant Pot products are cute and so very reminiscent of the droids from the SW Movies that you will get the feel of having a mini robot cook your lentils and soups for dinner. How about that?

The R2-D2 and BB-8 ones are kind of designer pieces. The BB-8 Pot is smaller than the rest. Also, you can cook rice and chicken and lentils and soups and a lot more. The Instant Pot products feature pressure cooking, sautéing, steaming and slow cooking. You can even make yogurt in them. And if you have got to warm your soup, a warming function takes your call.

Gone are the days when you would have looked upto popcorn and other hunger remedies to satiate your appetite while watching your favourite episodes of The Mandalorian, or Jedi: Fallen Order. Now whether you are sitting couched underneath the sheets and wondering about trips to Galaxy’s Edge, guess what, you can have your hunger satisfied!

It seems as if Star Wars have come up with just the right way of engaging their fan following until they wait earnestly for the release of The Rise of Skywalker, which is scheduled somewhere in December. How about having Instant Pot to simmer your chicken while you finish the watch?

Of course, you can cook your regular recipes in those pots, but what about some Star War themed recipes? So, be it Darth Vader’s Beef Stew, or Dark Side Deviled Eggs and Chewie’s Chili, you can now have all your Star Wars inspired food fantasies enlisted and compiled, dear brethren!

If there is one thing that you are watching out for and may not find, it is the Baby Yoda Instant Pots, that have no appearance in the recent line of Star Wars themed merchandise.

You might want the compilation of their price, and we may as well say that while most of them lie in the $100 range, Chewbacca and BB-8 are slightly deviating from the 100 dollar mark. Chewbacca is a bigger pressure cooker at 8 Qt. while BB-8 is the smaller one with 3 Qt.

According to sources, Star Wars Instant Pot Duo 6 Qt. Pressure Cooker (R2-D2) comes for $ 99.95, Star Wars Instant Pot Duo 6 Qt. Pressure Cooker (Darth Vader) for $ 99.95, Star Wars Instant Pot Duo 8 Qt. Pressure Cooker (Chewbacca) for $ 119.95, Star Wars Instant Pot Duo 3 Qt. Pressure Cooker (BB-8) for $ 79.95 and Star Wars Instant Pot Duo 6 Qt. Pressure Cooker (Stormtrooper) for $ 99.95.

The cookery and pot items are not the only ones in Star Wars’ merchandise line. Many designers have partnered with Lucasfilm to design one-off auction designs based on Star Wars themes. Inspired by the film’s various characters, these modern designers would team up to create a multitude of apparel.

Lucasfilm, which serves as the esteemed studio behind Star Wars had been seeking out partnerships with a list of prominent lifestyle brands like Adidas, Le Creuset, Rag & Bone and Levi’s jeans. This pairing up looks over to design and create higher-priced and at the same time, functional Star Wars related products and collection.

After the sequel’s trilogy was released in 2015 and the following partnerships with big global brands, Paul Southern, senior vice president of licensing, Lucasfilm, aired his views to Business of Fashion about The Force Awakens merchandise: “We’ve developed apparel from the mass market up to the end of the trade. We’ve broadened out the offering, including more for girls and women.”

It is worth mentioning that the brands mentioned above are famed for producing luxury items that too, which fall in the middle price range. We know them as mass luxury products. Adidas capsule sneakers and now the Instant Pots collection are just two of the upcoming line of functional and durable products.

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