Starbucks is about to Introduce a Plant-Based Breakfast Sandwich, Partnered with Impossible

Every year Starbucks is known to bring out its summer menu, famous for showcasing some of its most popular menu items in this summer menu. This Tuesday, they announced that the company would be including a plant-based sandwich on its summer menu. This sandwich will be made with an impossible sausage, which is also a fairly popular item on the menu. But this is not it, alongside this, the sandwich will also contain can-free fried egg and well-aged cheddar cheese. The specific type of bread chosen for its serving is the ciabatta bread. The firm disclosed that this item would be available in most, if not all, of its locations. This selective availability is the partial opening of fast food outlets across the country, which had previously been closed down due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Starbucks is mainly famous for its beverages. It has slowly been working on including vegan options for a lot of its drinks. On the summer menu, they have also included two beverages that are cold brewed and coffee-based. Both of these beverages will contain almond milk foam and be flavored with dark cocoa or cinnamon. For the outlets in the Midwest and California, another item that will be seen on the summer menu is a cold brew with cinnamon oat milk foam. According to the company, this will expand the market for oat milk as well, which again is plant-based milk or rather another vegan option that the firm is taking up.

The new items on the summer menu are not very expensive as compared to the other menu items. Starbucks has stuck to its regular menu prices, between $4 to $5 for every item, and relatively affordable for most customers. The estimated cost for the new cold brew beverages is between $4.45 and $4.75. While the beverages are less than $5, the impossible breakfast sandwich crosses that threshold and may be priced around $4.95 to $5.25 for each sandwich.

In January, Starbucks announced its sustainability goals, and the firm has been working well towards achieving this goal. It has released many new vegan items. As many consumers are starting to opt for meatless diets, Starbucks is trying to keep up. The new items added to this summer menu are also contributing towards the same cause, which is as little meat consumption as is possible. 

Michael Kobori, the chief sustainability officer at Starbucks, affirmed that the company had been introducing plant-based alternatives for most of its menu items and is excited to expand into plant-based foods. This breakfast sandwich will be a step towards the same idea, he added. 

Although collaborating with impossible is not its first attempt at plant-based food, the company collaborated with Beyond Meat, a competitor of impossible. This collaboration was done to try out introducing plant-based food in its outlets in Canada and China. Starbucks has officially declared that it wants to build a more sustainable menu and is trying to reduce its carbon emissions, reduce waste, and conserve water.

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