Steam finally taking its couch co-op online with Remote Play Together feature

Steam’s Remote Play Together feature allows you to play local multiplayer games by connecting with your friends. This has been launched today after a beta test that went on for a month. Steam lets you play multiplayer games on the internet across all operating systems like Windows, Linux and macOS. So, the Steam remote is finally available to everyone, and you can even invite people using android and iOS software devices! Steam play together is finally out of beta testing!

Steam has taken the couch co-op remote play together feature completely online, moreover; it is offering a discount on all the games that are compatible with it. The android and iOS users can connect to steam using the steam link app. All that the hosting gamer needs to do is simply install the game and start to play, his/her friends on PC can join him using the Steam remote play, and in case they want to join using their mobiles then they just need to connect steam chat and steam link apps. Only the host gamer needs to have the games installed, which makes it very convenient.

With remote play together, gamers can access any kind of game they want (at least according to the video released by steam). Now it will be fun to play games like Cuphead, Enter the Gungeon and Wilmot’s Warehouse.

It is very simple to use; you can simply send invites to your friends from the drop-down menu. All they have to do is simply accept the invite and start playing. Steam also claims that you can share the control of a keyboard and a mouse, but that still needs to be tested. So far, the remote hasn’t been tested with iOS and Android users for network latency, especially on games with a lot of action.

Valve will be hosting a live stream which will display the new feature and its functions. Steam is also celebrating this update by giving you a discount on all the couch co-op games. Some games that are included in the sale are Overcooked, Spelunky and Rayman Legends. Steam is giving discounts as high as 85% on its games! how cool is that?

The best part is that each player feels like they are plugged into their own computer even if they are not the host. The host will feel like each player has been plugged into their computer, but they will not be seeing the host’s desktop. During the Beta testing, Steam strengthened the network connection and stabilized it. They optimized it to work more efficiently across different hardware. A maximum of four players can play at the same time using Steam!

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