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Subaru aims for a 100% electric vehicle production by mid-2030

Subaru to sell only electric vehicles by mid 2030

Japanese automaker Subaru has already set some goals for the upcoming decade. Apparently, the automaker wishes have all its vehicle fleet completely electric by the middle of 2030. It has even gone to say that all vehicles of its make, namely-the Outback, the Forester, the BRZ, the WRX STI would be completely electric by the end of the decade. If at all these vehicles cannot be converted into EVs, Subaru says that these would be completely scrapped off from being manufactured.

The Japan-based automobile firm plans to erase all of its gasoline vehicles in about 15 years. One may wonder what prompted Subaru to plan well in advance for going completely electric from gasoline. Well, the company has taken this decision owing to stricter rules and regulations regarding carbon emissions. Environmentalists in China and the European region, in particular, are very firm regarding this aspect.

Although this is not something which would very be happening very quickly, Subaru is teaming up with Toyota in getting a pair of electric cars on board it’s fleet very soon, sometime in the 2020s. Toyota which has an 8% stake in Subaru, has partnered with the firm in putting electric cars on road. Others are probably going to follow suit. It is expected that hybrid and electric cars would account for about 40% of Subaru’s global yearly output around 2030.

There are also reports that Subaru is investing a lot of money into embedding Toyota’s hybrid methodology into all of its vehicles. One of the best examples of this variant is the Crosstrek, which was launched sometime in 2018. This variant was both gasoline-based as well as electric-based. Plans have been made by Subaru executives into launching a “strong hybrid” vehicle containing Toyota manufactured components. However, not many details have emerged regarding this. They have also stated clearly that their main focus is not to achieve badge-engineering.

Tetsuo Onuki, the Chief Technology Officer of Subaru, was heard as saying, “Although we’re using Toyota technology, we want to make hybrids that are distinctly Subaru. It’s not only about reducing CO2 emissions. We need to further improve vehicle safety and the performance of our all-wheel drive.”


The statements made by Onuki gives a feeling that the all-wheel-drive would be the main motto of all the electric vehicles belonging to Subaru. This particular feature was pretty well-received by many customers, which in turn, has boosted their vehicle sales for many years now. Subaru has shown a lot of development from a small-time car manufacturer to one of a major vehicle manufacturing firm in the United States. So, there is no doubt that the all-wheel-drive characteristic is bound to exist in all of Subaru’s electric vehicles.

Another notable characteristic that can be found on all of Subaru’s vehicles is its engine. It was this engine that inspired the C-shaped lights on all its cars. However, based on Onuki’s comments, it looks like this engine is no longer bound to exist on any of Subaru’s vehicles in the future, owing to its rumbling sound.

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