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RKIN CBS PPH Water Softener System Giveaway for Feb 2020

RKIN is a firm in the United Staes that is well-known for manufacturing and supplying quite a lot of water systems like filters and purifiers. It is also known for making air purifiers. Now, RKIN is giving away a PPH Water Softener System on the basis of a lucky draw. Confused? Well, RKIN has put out an invite wherein it has requested everyone to subscribe to its email ID so as to become the lucky owner of a CBS PPH Water Softener System. 

About CBS PPH Water Softener System

The offer has been chalked out for the month of February. Some of the features of this entire unit as claimed by RKIN have been listed below:

  1. It resists the formation of any kind of harmful hardness within the appliance. It protects the plumbing areas within the appliance as well.
  2. There is no requirement of any salt to be added for the purpose of water softening. It is a salt-free water softener.
  3. It is quite compact in size, making it highly space-efficient. One need not reserve any large area within their homes to accommodate this unit.

While participating in the offer, the user needs to precisely specify why he or she deserves to win this water softener unit. The user’s explanation should be satisfactory enough for the firm to think that he or she deserves to be the winner of the lucky draw. 

If the winner feels that this unit would not be compatible along with the water filtration requirements at his / her place, or in case any sort of difficulty is encountered during unit installation, then the company offers to exchange the same for some store credit. This credit can, later on, be utilized for other RKIN products such as the “Zero Installation Purifier.” This purifier unit does not require to be installed. 

The lucky draw in scheduled to happen on the 25th of February, and winners would be announced on the same day.

What kind of products are offered at RKIN?

RKIN was initially known as Puricom Water Industrial Corporation. Matthew Barta has been working as a consultant for Puricom since 1998. He is a well known Certified Water Specialist of level VI, which is considered to be the highest level. Matthew has helped a lot in developing water filtration systems across many countries around the world, which include Africa, India, South East Asia, and others, to name a few. 

During August 2019, PuricomUSA started being called as “RKIN.” It has become quite famous in the whole house water treatment as well as the air purifier market. It has gone on to create and launch some of the very best quality products, such as the OnliSoft Pro Whole House Water Treatment System and the RKIN Air Purifiers. 

The OnliSoft Pro Whole House Water Treatment unit comes with the following features:

  1. Converts ordinary tap water into filtered, good quality water in the entire house.
  2. Removes chlorine, sediments, and any such stuff from water by disinfecting it.
  3. Prevents further hardening of water by offering required protection. 
  4. It contains large capacity filter cartridges measuring 4.5″ x 20″.
  5. Quite compact in size can get easily accommodated in the house — no dedicated space required.  
  6. It comes with components that are NSF certified.

Like water purifiers, RKIN has also made some good quality air purifiers. RKIN has now become a household name for many families across North America, as it is known for manufacturing high-quality water softeners and air purifier systems.

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