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Super Mario Maker 2 now Adds World Maker Mode for its Users

Super Mario Maker 2 now adds World Maker Mode for its users

Nintendo is the company that gave us our childhood game Super Mario. And who does not know about it? Saving the princess was one of our favourite past times in our childhood days. It came as a gift when the company announced the Super Mario Maker 2 which would allow its users to create their own course on Super Mario with various obstacles and levels. The company has already been working on their final update to the Super Mario Maker 2, and the update contains a major surprise for its users. It comes with a world maker mode.

The world maker mode will allow you to create your own super Mario universe, a complete map and also let you string various courses together. But the update does not only stop there. Each of the super Mario world’s contain five levels that you can create on your own. And almost eight of these worlds can be combined to form an entire universe. So, in total, a user can create almost a 40 level Mario game of his own.

The Nintendo Company has also added a few more tricks on their last update to the game, which is unique power-ups and skills. Some of them are new enemies with unique skills, few power-ups from the Super Mario Bros. 3 that includes a frog suit. It also has a few elements from the Super Mario World such as the power balloon. On the off chance that you have already played the previous games launched by the company, you will be well aware of these power-ups and skills.

There is also a mushroom included in the update that will allow you to turn any character or item into their reciprocate Super Mario Bros. 2 sprites. These sprites will let you throw items around the game.

The Nintendo Company will be releasing their last and final update for the game on the 22nd of April 2020. Unfortunately, the company will no longer be coming up with more updates for the game, but it still will be leaving its users with a legacy to continue. Building one’s world from scratch and coming up with new levels added to it is not easy, and almost every Super Mario fan is going to enjoy spending their quarantine days on it.

The company released a tweet that said, “The final major update for #SuperMarioMaker2 is near! Create your own Super World in the new World Maker mode. Course parts like the Frog Suit, Goomba Mask, & more wacky fun wearables join the fun too! The free update arrives 4/22 on #NintendoSwitch!”

The tweet was enough for its fanbase to understand that there is going to be the last update. But all is not lost, as the Nintendo Company will surely come up with some more interesting versions of the Super Mario Game, or a completely new game with an alternative play mode. On trying to get in touch with the company regarding their next release, the company was not immediately available to respond.

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