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Super Nintendo World to open in Japan during spring 2021

Super Nintendo World to open in Japan during spring 2021

Nintendo is all set to open its first-ever physical theme park, called Super Nintendo World, during spring 2021 at Universal Studios, Osaka, Japan. This one is later than what was planned initially. Super Nintendo World was scheduled to open before the commencement of the 2020 Summer Olympics, which was scheduled to be held in Tokyo this year. However, owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, both the Super Nintendo World opening events and the Summer Olympics events have been delayed. The theme park opening would still happen earlier than the Olympics event.

The Japan-based video game firm is also opening a Nintendo-themed Mario store and a cafe. Both of these would be set up within the Hollywood section of the theme park. The store and the cafe would be open to visitors on October 16 onwards. The “Schwab’s Pharmacy” and “The Darkroom” frontages of the Hollywood area have been used for setting up the cafe and the shop, respectively. The cafe is expected to contain loads of Mario-based delicacies while the store would be containing goods related to the Mario theme.

The shops’ external areas would be adorned with red and green designs that represent the caps of Mario and Luigi- who are important Nintendo characters.

Many refreshments have been listed out within the cafe menu. These include pancake-like sandwiches that are as per Mario and Luigi’s themes. Furthermore, there is a Super Mushroom beverage that would be available within a tropical container and fruit-cream sodas coming within a mustachioed glass. Here is a list of treats that one can relish upon within the Mario Cafe:

  • Mario Strawberry Cream Soda
  • Luigi Green Apple Cream Soda
  • Princess Peach Cream Soda
  • Mario’s Hat Pancake Sandwich
  • Luigi’s Hat Pancake Sandwich
  • Super Mushroom Sipper

The interior area of the cafe has also been designed very elegantly. Everywhere, symbols of mushrooms, blocks, and pipes have been put up. The seats where customers would be seated have also been colored in bright colors such as yellow, red, dark blue, pink, and sea green. White polka dots on top of these colors add more glow to the entire seating arrangement.

Goods present within the store includes a T-shirt containing prints of Mario and Luigi caps and crowns. Along with these prints, lines such as “Whose Cap?” and “Whose Crown?” have also been printed on the T-shirt between the caps and the crowns. Then there is also a pouch with the same prints that are present on the T-shirt. A mustachioed cushion is also a part of this merchandise. 

Users would be very excited to relish all the Mario Cafe refreshments and check out a lot more items apart from the ones mentioned above in the Mario Store. All of these would be open to the visitors from October 16 onwards. Important attractions present within the Super Nintendo World include a Mario Kart and a Yoshi omnimover. All of this would be open to visitors from during the upcoming spring season. 

Smart wristbands that can be linked to a mobile app will be provided to the visitors within the park. Using these, they would be allowed to participate in a coin-collecting metagame. Universal Studios and Nintendo plan on constructing parks like these in Singapore, Orlando, and Hollywood going forward. 

Image source: TheVerge

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