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SWAGTRON’s Latest Flagship Adult Scooter is Launched

SWAGTRON’s latest flagship adult scooter is launched

SWAGTRON, a firm that manufactures rideable electrical products for people in all age groups, is bringing about its latest flagship scooter, exclusively for adults. Known as the Swagger 7T Transport Electric Scooter, this one comes with a removable battery with a lot of capacity equipped with very high mileage. And, of course, this one is again compatible with an app.

The Swagger 7T Transport scooter boasts of an excellent speed and a motor powered by high torque. Additionally, the rideable comes with Autoguard braking technique and honeycomb tires that are air-less that do not get punctured easily. The tires are 10” in diameter. The tires’ honeycomb design ensures that the rider does not experience any difficulties during the ride, which are normally encountered with flat tires. These tires are designed such that they offer “solid-shock absorption,” especially during long journeys.

The scooter also comes with an in-built LCD that consists of a speedometer, provides battery information and many more details. The scooter is now available for sale along with all of its details at SWAGTRON.com.

Specifications and other details

A powerful 350-watt motor comes along with the Electric Scooter to enable it to touch speeds as high as 18MPH for about 18.9 miles. It would definitely reduce the travel time. Next, it has to be used along with an app that is compatible with both iOS as well as Android.

The frame of the eScooter is extremely durable and comes with an IP54 rating. Moreover, it is quite light in weight and can be easily foldable. The dimensions of the scooter in its folded state are 1090x410x1160 mm. Hence, it can be easily folded and kept even in places having a small area. 

The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum material. The scooter has been designed to withstand a maximum rider weight of 220 lbs. Moreover, riders with a height of up to 6’6’’ can comfortably take a ride on the scooter. 

The detachable battery can be charged to its full capacity within a span of 5 hours. Charging is possible either when the battery is present on the scooter or even when it is detached from the scooter. Thus, users have the flexibility to charge the battery anywhere. Riders also have the privilege to purchase another battery and keep it handy just in case the first battery drains out completely during a ride. The process of removing the battery and replacing it with another one is quite simple. 

The eScooter is also equipped with enhanced user-activated choices such as cruise control and kick-start motor. These options can expand the travel range of the scooter by about 25%. That is sure to lift the riding SWAG of the user.

Swagtron’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jason Wakefield, states that “Swagger 7T Transport ups the standard for a SWAGTRON commuter electric scooter. But, this e-scooter isn’t just for commuters. It’s for anyone who wants a bit of extra SWAG in their lives. Owners will enjoy benefiting from the solid design and rider-friendly features.”


Riders on the lookout for that extra SWAG in their lives can opt for this eScooter. This can be purchased via the SWAGTRON website for $499.99

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