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Swarm Technology Drones Unveiled by China

Swarm technology drones unveiled by China

Drone technology has taken new flights and made its way to so many industries today. It has led to China successfully testing swarm technology in a drone. Their swarm system would be a real threat to the enemy, something that China needs right now, given they are under conflict with the US, India, and Japan.

The test on swarm drone technology was conducted in September by a state-owned company in China, called the China Electronics Technology Group (CETG). All details, along with the test video, were released this Tuesday for the world to see. 

As per the reports that have come from the Chinese media, the test showed various features of the drone being performed, from rapid deployment of vehicles, intensive launching, hovering and launching in the air, maneuvering launching, precise formation, formation change, ground inspection and attack, and precision strike. 

In the video, one would see the drones being launched and performing the varied functions they have been designed for. An army vehicle and helicopter have both been seen launching all the drones into the air.

It will not be the first time China would be using smaller objects like drones to perform military actions. The 20-pound CH-901 that China already has been designed for cruising over the target area for a while and then destroying what’s insight on the controller’s command. 

The drones launching that are now being developed with swarm technology for future operations are launched using compressed air. David Hambling of Forbes further explains the video with his statement, “The drones are launched with compressed air, then unfold their wings and fly to the target area with an electric-powered propeller. The kamikaze drones carry high-explosive warheads, potentially powerful enough to destroy tanks and other armour.”

China isn’t the only country currently working with swarm technology and drones. The United States is pretty eager to get their hands on the technology rightfully. Offensive swarm operations have already been performed by the US earlier in a bid to develop swarm technology for drones. A LOCUST drone swarm developed by Raytheon company in the US was the one behind creating the drones used in operation here. 

Along with the current drone swarm technology, CETC worked on a multifunction processing unit for swarm intelligence. The entire unit developed works on swarm intelligence algorithms, which allows the unit to perform functions like light control, mission planning, intelligence decision-making, dynamic networking, etc. 

There is no information on which kind of drones are being used for China’s swarm technology, but what it looks like from the video is very much like China Poly Defense’s CH-901. They are called suicide drones and are capable of flying with warheads on them.

Hambling has cleared the difference that would be seen between the CH-901 and the swarm drones, “In 2018 China displayed a launch vehicle with eight CH-901s, which would be launched one at a time. The difference here is the swarming technology, which means the operator only needs to designate the target.”

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