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T-Mobile notifies the US customers whose accounts have been hacked about the security breach

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On Thursday, T-Mobile announced its customers of a major security breach which actually was discovered at the beginning of this month. And, this data breach specifically affected only prepaid customers in the United States of America. The company also said that only “a small number of customers were affected” due to the security breach. 

The company said that no important and sensitive information like the password or financial information or social security numbers were hacked. The information hacked are the customers’ name, phone numbers, account numbers, addresses, rate plan and plan features. The company notified the customers whose account information have been breached. 

T-Mobile said, “We truly regret that this incident occurred.” T-Mobile said that the customers account which had been hacked were found by the cyber security team, which “discovered and shut down malicious, unauthorized access to some information related to your T-Mobile prepaid wireless account.” Actually, according to the law, this type of data breach to the customer account must be notified to the customers. 

Thus, the company send an SMS to the customers whose account has been hacked. But, if you didn’t receive an SMS, it does not actually mean that you’re account has not been hacked. It must be probably because of you switching providers or numbers. You can get to know if your account has been breached or not by simply calling 611 or by visiting privacy@t-mobile.com. Also, a report shows that of 84.2 million customers, the number of prepaid customers are 20.8 million.

The T-Mobile company also apologized saying, “we truly regret that this incident occurred and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.” The same security breach happened to the customers of T-Mobile company in August 2018. Then too, the hackers stole the customer details like phone number and email address of nearly 2 million customers. And the hackers did not hack any sensitive data like the social security numbers then too. 

Though, the company notifies the customers whose account information have been hacked, but it did not provide any more information about the hack to its customers. And it not even provided any information about the hack in its official account too. But, we need to note that the company genuinely notified its customers about the hack according to the law. Because many historic hacks of major companies even go unknown for years. 

The T-Mobile representative said the customers affected by this hack is “less than 1.5 percent”. The answer to the question of what we are doing regarding the hack is answered by the T-Mobile company saying, “we take the security of your information seriously.” And obviously, this had been a line for all the companies after the hack has happened. Often, many companies do not even care about customers personal data, but they only care to explain or notify of the data breach. 

Particular, with companies like Google and Facebook who sells customers personal information to other companies. ‘we care about the security of you data’ makes actually no sense. But some companies do try by having two-step authentication and all those. But in this world, security is a big question mark, and even big companies do not even know what to do to secure customers information. 

The company said, “T-Mobile, like any other corporation, is unfortunately not immune to this type of criminal attack. Because of that, we are always working to improve security so we can stay ahead of malicious activity and protect our customers.”

The company only said that the hack happened early November and the company rectified it. It did not gave further information when asked about how long the data was exposed and what did the company actually do to rectify the problem. It did not even say whether it was on a public-facing or database or on an internal website. So, for T-Mobile customers, it will be best if you change your passwords and also if you check up on your accounts details regularly. 

T-Mobile actually tells off the affected customers to change their passwords and PIN codes immediately. For additional information, you can visit the support page of T-Mobile. Actually, T-Mobile is the second major telecommunication company to announce a security breach this year. In May, the Sprint announced a security breach that hackers hacked the sprint accounts by using Boost phone numbers and Boost.com PIN codes.

Also, in June, another data breach happened to the customers of the Sprint. That is, this time some hackers hacked the customers’ information through the Samsung official website. The company also says, “it has a number of safeguards in place to protect your personal account from unauthorized access.” The company also added that it notified the authorities about the security breach. 

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