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T-shirt Company from Sterling Heights Expands its Sewing Team to Help Healthcare Workers

T-shirt company from Sterling Heights expands its sewing team to help healthcare workers

Coronavirus has had everyone working harder, especially the ones on the frontline. A seamstress at the Sterling Heights-based apparel company Gettees has agreed to the same as she works with a team that works every day to provide surgical gowns.

The 57-year-old has said that she feels accomplished every day after she’s done with her work. Every piece that she and her team of 12 make goes for donations or sale. It is a great initiative given how the requirement has increased in these testing times. 

Gettees has recently doubled the number of people working for manufacturing the surgical gowns so they could amp up the production. It is very commendable that the apparel company had recently donated surgical gowns to the Detroit Children’s Hospital, the Detroit Veterans Homeless Center, and some branches of the Beaumont Hospital. Many are also present on the list but are unknown as of now.

Jackie George, the seamstress, believes that their team and the company work hard every day to do their bit to ease the global situation. The team agreed when she said, “Helping the doctors and patients who need the masks and gowns is a blessing.” Her previous area of work had been the auto industry but had switched to making T-shirts and hoodies a few years ago. She seems to be thankful for being able to help today because of that.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic had shaken up the world and the Michigan based Gettees founder Mathew Hunt. The stay at home order around the region made things even more complicated for everyone, making him rethink his moves for the near future of the company and himself. The change in thinking and situation led Hunt to turn his team in a different direction. Gettees employees are now helping health care workers because of the same reason.

It is commendable of all the small businesses to do their part to ease the burden. It is what Hunt also believed when he said, “We had the machines, we had the very skilled sewers, and we could get our hands on the materials,” Given the situation in front of the company, it seemed like a well-taken step. His motives were clearly in the right direction when he said, “It was our turn to step up and help out. It was our turn to do our part for the community.”

The addition of new members and advanced sewing machines to the team and sewing surgical gowns was also beneficial, given that the company’s store was shut because of the pandemic. The shift towards making surgical gowns is also a chance to give a new direction to their business in the time of the lock down. The growing demand for surgical gowns being met by them was an additional benefit that Hunt was aiming for.

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