Taco Bell amid COVID-19 outbreak decides to go full ‘drive-thru and delivery’ only

Taco Bell is a leading fast food joint and surely does not want to compromise with the health of its customers nor employees. The Company in their recent statements released to a leading news channel said that they have no plans of closing any of their Taco Bell food joints. But keeping the current health pandemic in mind, the Company has decided only to provide’ drive-thru and delivery’ service to its customers. The dine-in option will not be available for customers till the Pandemic has settled down.

The Company further said that they have released this notice to almost every Taco bell joint, and have asked them to close the dining areas.

The CEO of Taco Bell Corp released a letter on his Twitter handle, which said that the Company would be taking due steps necessary to maintain the health and follow the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization. He further added that the Company has a particular responsibility and obligation to do something to stop the spreading of the virus. The Company has been taking a lot of effort into cleaning all its restaurants regularly and sanitizing it.

In his letter, CEO Mark King said, “As regions of the U.S. begin to mandate public closures and self-quarantine, we are equipping our restaurants to serve our guests via drive-thru and delivery only where necessary. Should we need to close our dining rooms temporarily, we would be limiting millions of guest interactions and further enabling social distancing”.

The CEO also disclosed the necessary steps the Company is taking to safeguard the health of its employees. They have 7200 managers who have worked very hard to provide training and make their employees follow protocols related to the coronaries outbreak. They have started revisiting their industry-level training and operating procedures. All of their operators are following the best practices like safe food preparation, illness policies, restaurant cleanliness, etc.

The Company also says that they will make sure that none of their employees will be working who are sick due to COVID-19, and also they will be taken full care of by the Company. The Company will also be paying employees that have taken sick for their scheduled hours, and also those who are not able to work because of the restaurant being shut down.

In his letter, the CEO said, “Because our people are the heart of our organization, and we understand the impact these actions can have, we’re amending our sick policy at our company-owned U.S. restaurants to accommodate our teams better while ensuring no one works who is sick.” He further added, “We’ll be paying employees who are required to stay at home, or who work at a restaurant that is closed, for their scheduled or regularly scheduled hours during their time away from work. Were actively working with our franchise partners to encourage a similar approach”.


It is a very generous step taken by the Company and will surely help its employees that rely upon hourly wages. The decision has surely made a large impact on its customers who rely on fast food meals as they do not have time to cook food at their homes. Most customers praised the decision made by the CEO to not close the food joint and go for delivery and drive-thru.

Unlike McDonald’s, Taco Bell is ready to pay its hourly wages to employees that have fallen sick or might fall sick to COVID-19. The employees of McDonald’s last week were protesting against the Company as it failed to change its policies in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. The employees claimed that the Company has denied assisting employees that may fall sick to COVID-19, no paid leaves, and no daycare assistance for employee’s children. Further clarification on the debate waits as McDonald’s has not released any statements related to it. 

Taco Bell is a company that has always maintained its integrity and held on to their strict policies when needed. The Company is following every guideline provided by WHO. It has also ensured its customers that they will make sure to update regularly as soon as the Company takes any decision regarding their restaurants available worldwide.

Taco Bell is a leading food joint that specializes in introducing Mexican Style taco in various tastes that cater to the cuisines of all over the world. They have quesadillas, naked chicken, burritos, and wraps available in various tastes and flavors. The Company is known for providing spicy and tangy tasting food that is very different from the existing burger food joints.

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