Taco Bell and Microsoft Team Up for a Giveaway Prior to Xbox X Series System Launch

The new Xbox series X gaming console has been set to launch on November 10 this year, and all buyers are extremely eager to get their hands on the same. Expected to be a tough get, but many offers will be queueing up alongside. 

For the big launch, Microsoft has decided to team up with Taco Bell for an offer wherein a few lucky gamers would get the new game system as a giveaway. 

It was announced on Wednesday this week that the new game console will be priced at $499 and will be available to buyers in stores starting November 10. Another game console will be seen in stores on the same day: the comparatively lower-priced Xbox series S system, available for $299 only. 

Although Taco Bell is launching its giveaway in collaboration with Microsoft before the product is even available in stores, the winners will be getting the game console way before everyone else. The enthusiasts need to win this contest to download the Taco Bell app and then become a part of their rewards program. 

The official news of the two businesses, Taco Bell and Microsoft teaming up, came through the twitter account of Xbox Wire. It was announced through an infographic that a giveaway is being conducted by the two. 

The registration for the rewards program must be done by September 13, wherein the users agree to receive emails about the rewards program. Once registrations close, daily drawings will be done from September 15 to 20th, during which one winner would be selected every day. The new Xbox will be theirs once they win the contest here, but there’s more. 

Beginning September 24, the ones who have recently signed up have to buy a medium or large drink either at the restaurant or through the official Taco Bell app. A code will be shared right after purchase, which will give the user a chance to win an Xbox series X system, wireless controller, and six months of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate streaming game service. The purchase can be made 3 times a day, and as announced by Taco Bell, one winner will be selected every 15 minutes.

Sony is also launching a new game console that is PlayStation 5, around the same time that the Xbox will be launched, and the price is also expected to be close to the same. A final date has not been announced just yet by Sony.

Alongside the Xbox X series system, an S series system will also be there in the market, and Microsoft is set on expanding the All-access program. A 24-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will be the benefit here. Pre-orders will begin starting from September 22 itself.

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