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Taco Bell Employee Fired over Wearing Black Lives Matter Mask

Taco Bell employee fired over wearing Black Lives Matter mask

On June 8, an employee of Taco Bell in Ohio, Denzel Skinner, started a live video on his Instagram, saying that he was fired on account of wearing a Black Liver Matter mask while on duty. The video soon started getting viral and reached the headquarters, which made Taco Bell share a statement saying that their employees are allowed to wear Black Lives Matter masks. An investigation is also being done in Denzel’s case in Ohio, by the company.

On Thursday, June 18, Taco Bell made it clear that they don’t prohibit their employees from wearing the significant Black Lives Matter masks. In another statement, it was added by the company that they believe that Black Lives Matter and were disappointed with what happened in Ohio. It is a serious matter of concern for the company, and a close investigation is being done on what led to an unfolding of said events. 

The only story that is currently known about Skinner getting fired is from his end, through his live video. He had been working with the restaurant for eight years now before getting fired over wearing a mask supporting the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. In his video, he says how crazy all this is, and that he is losing his job over a mask. 

The video of Skinner also shows an unidentified woman saying that one’s masks had to be plain, and politics can’t be brought into the building. This woman was possibly the manager of the restaurant, given the authority with which she was speaking. Skinner responded to her with vigor, saying that this isn’t politics, but rather something he’s standing for. 

The woman in the video responds to Skinner’s statement by saying that there is nothing that he can do for him if he wishes to wear said masks. She adds that she has no problem with it and that it is a company thing that has proven wrong. 

In the statement which was given to the US Today by Taco Bell, the company says that the company’s chief people from the parent company Yum Brands have spoken to Skinner to apologize and discuss the situation. It was the chief diversity and inclusion officer who was a part of this conversation, but no more details about the same have been released.

Taco Bell also assures in their statement that their goal is to ensure that all of the policies they follow are inclusive, and no harm comes to their customers or team members at any point. The situation at hand has led them to officially say that they are not prohibiting anyone from wearing such masks, and their goal is also to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again at any of their outlets. 

The company also believes that Skinner’s situation is barely political and that the Black Lives Matter movement is a human rights issue.

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