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Taco Bell in Newman, California Giving Free Taco to Customers Paying in Coins

Taco Bell in Newman, California giving free taco to customers paying in coins

Businesses have been highly impacted in various ways because of recent difficult times. In the U.S., this has led to a national coin shortage because the economy isn’t getting an input of coins from the usual places it used to. Given, people aren’t spending as much, a shortage of change has come forth. 

In these testing times, business owners are coming up with creative solutions to deal with the shortage that has rendered everyone worried. In this light, Taco Bell has become a very active seeker of coins from customers.

The new fast food joint in Newman, California that opened up only a month back, runs a promotional scheme wherein they give free food to anyone who pays using coins. The offer under here is the free taco that the customers would be getting with what they order. All this is in a bid to get more coins into the business and eventually into the economy. 

It was also surprising to hear from the restaurant’s General manager that, “It’s definitely surreal to me. I was definitely blindsided when I was told by my bank, ‘Sorry, we’re limiting the amount of coin that you’re able to get,”

The nationwide coin shortage has impacted many businesses and not just in the food industry. Creative solutions will have to be looked for to ensure the situation doesn’t become grave for the economy.

It is also notable that Taco Bell isn’t the first to offer up something promotional and temporary. A Chick-fil-A in Alabama had also been running a promotion wherein the customers who bring in $10 in rolled coins will be given a free sandwich. It was in addition to the cash that they would get in exchange for coins.

More and more businesses are actively seeking coins from customers through freebies so that the national crunch can be dealt with smoothly. Platforms like social media are being used to spread the word. The Chick-fil-A promotion was seen first on their Facebook page through a flyer posted saying, “Help prevent Chick-fil-A from going cashless. For every $10 in rolled coins you exchange with us, you’ll receive a free Chick-fil-A original sandwich!”

The promotion now has been closed as Chick-fil-A informed it in another post that said the restaurant now has enough coins. The same post also thanked each and everyone who participated.

It will be long before the world goes back to normal as we knew it before, so businesses will have to think of strategies that actively deal with any incoming huddle. The coin shortage is one such huddle and a result of the lockdown that was placed. People haven’t been spending coins in places like laundromats, banks, etc. which has stopped the circulation.

Businesses are pushing customers towards paying with credit and debit cards if they lack change, as many are finding it hard to accept cash payments under the lack of change.

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