Taco Bell Resolves to Donate more than 100 Tacos to the Memorial Hospital

Taco Bell is showing another goodwill gesture by deciding to donate more than a hundred tacos to the staff working at the Memorial Hospital. These people work on the frontline of this battle against the virus, and they ought to be thanked. 

The whole community has joined hands in order to combat the menace of the coronavirus and the resultant disease, COVID 19, which has pushed the major world economies to their wits’ end. While everybody is figuring out what to do and what not to, there is another set of those countless workers and staff engaged in various sectors like health, police, security, sanitation, etc.

These are the people who are the most exposed to this pandemic. They have put their lives in jeopardy. But, they are far from leaving the ground. Instead, they have held the clutch for far too long basking in that ray of hope which seeks to establish- This too, shall pass. It becomes all the more important to appreciate these people who are running the deadly race for us.

To help the last mile sufferers, Taco has keenly donated food quite a lot of times. The minds behind Taco Bell have been proving to be Samaritans who try to make the lives of these people a bit easier. In another of such initiatives, the company has resolved to serve more than 100 tacos to the health staff employed at the Memorial Hospital. The Memorial Hospital is located in downtown South Bend.

The franchise operating from the Taco Bell stores located on Lafayette and LaSalle has agreed to donate the whole thing. The company has settled on donating the tacos at 11.30 am at the main Memorial Hospital building. A statement from Pelletier implies that they would continue to serve the people more and more if the pandemic where to stay with us for a while longer.

Delight Restaurant Group area coach Allen Pelletier asserted that the donation was their way of expressing their love and appreciation to the thousands of people who go to work every day so that others are alive! The Restaurant Group is owned by the Delight Restaurant Group, who says the idea is to convey warm wishes and regards to the people who work tirelessly in our hospitals during this difficult time.

It is relevant to add here that the fast-food franchise is already donating a good sum of food on its Taco Tuesdays. The franchise is already giving away free DLTs on a single day, i.e Tuesday every week. The arrangement has been working pretty well for the past two weeks.

As a very special gift to Americans, all drive-thru guests of the franchise on Tuesday, March 31, were marked to get a tasty and free seasoned beef Nacho Cheese Doritos® Locos Tacos. Not just that, segment two of the initiative mandates users to make use of GrubHub for their orders. The moment, they can avail a free delivery is when the order amounts to $ 12 and up. 

The deployment of a fleet of the Taco Bell Taco Trucks in the United States was another round of appreciable work being carried out by the franchise. The collected amount of food through its food bank initiative was also planned to be distributed to the food banks that would be serving the local masses.

The franchise had also pledged to donate a sum of $ 1 million to the famous children’s campaign, ‘No Kid Hungry.’ Aimed at ending children’s hunger in America, ‘No Kid Hungry’ is a national campaign to that effect.

Several food stores and franchises have come up to lend their hands at this crucial moment. Be it McDonald’s, KFC, or Café Coffee Day, everyone has something to offer as part of their contribution to these detrimental times of public suffering. Here is the hope that these bad times shall be bygones very soon and that the economy will be revived.

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