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Taco Bell to Open Cantinas across Suburbs, Test its alcohol servings in it

Taco Bell to Open Cantinas across Suburbs

With the first cantina opened by the Yum Brands in 2015, Taco Bell has given a tough competition to it by opening almost 30 locations of it across the country. Intending to become a $20 Billion Brand, Taco Bell has reportedly decided to open up three more of its Taco Bell Cantinas across the suburban areas. The decision has been taken as a test to see if their suburban customers do like the twist of taste and design they have brought into their traditional Taco Bell Stores.

A Cantina is not your normal ‘take-out restaurant.’ It comes with lavish decor, good music, seating, and amazing food served with any liquor of your choice. Whether it be the cool draught beer or some red wine, a Cantina will have it all. Taco Bell gathered a massive positive response from its customers when it opened the Las Vegas Cantina. This Las Vegas Cantina also is a destination for taco bell fans to get hitched with their loved ones. After the Taco Bell Las Vegas Cantina became a chapel, many competitors followed suit but none to win.

At present, almost every Cantina has digitized themselves by having self-order kiosks, digital menus, and other technical elements that may please the crowd. Taco Bell has also decided to follow the idea of digitizing and introduced such technical elements in some of their already existing Cantinas and will do the same in the coming up suburban Cantinas. According to the President of Taco Bell and Global Operating Officer Mike Grams, the company aims to bring innovations to the existing menu. Still, they also wish to bring the same creativity to their overall Cantina’s dining experience.

This statement may produce a perception that the company is willing to divert its attention from the menu, but that’s not the case. As the CEO of Taco Bell-Mark King was reported quoting to Bloomberg that they may introduce a completely plant-based diet in their new upcoming Cantinas. It is because a Cantina is a Mexican concept and is based upon providing a complete vegetarian experience to their diners.

As the rival companies keep bringing up new meatless items and more vegan options in their menu, Taco Bell has decided to use a plant-based menu for their customers. Although the menu has not been released, it can be assumed that the menu is under observation, and will be released soon.

According to a recent report by CNBC, Taco Bell is all set to open a new Cantina location in Times Square as it is one of the busiest places to be. No statement has been released on exactly which location of existing Taco Bell they are going to convert or whether they are willing to build an entirely new location for it. The only statement released so far is that the Times Square Cantina will be a test and will be made permanent only after successful results and feedback by its customers.

The first cantina to be opened by Taco Bell was in Chicago and San Francisco, both of which became successful immediately after launch. Both the location has no drive-thru and came with the concept of an open kitchen. The food was displayed in open baskets, for the customer to view and instilled a new urge amongst locals to visit the place often. The company also introduced technical elements in their Chicago, and San Francisco Cantina was they have mobile apps for ordering and payment. Other than that, you will find a digital menu and television monitors to add to your entertainment.

Taco Bell was found quoting that the new cantina-style restaurant is aimed at bringing a millennial trend to it where urban culture meets food, work, and life. To date, Taco Bell has not released any official statement on how many restaurants they are aiming to renovate or convert, but looking at facts and figures, the company is aimed towards renovating almost 600 of its traditional Taco Bell restaurants all over the globe per year.

Presently, the Cantinas of taco Bell have various shareable appetizers like rolled tacos and also comes with the original menu. The Chicago Cantina serves a wide range of alcoholic beverages that includes the sangria. Still, the same cannot be said about the San Francisco Cantina as it only serves wine and beer. The company plans on introducing more of its beverage menu to other locations.

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