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Taco Bell to Update Restaurant Design with a Dual Drive-Thru and Smaller Size

Taco Bell to update restaurant design with a dual drive-thru and smaller size

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed businesses to change how they have been operating and think of new ways to cater to their customers. Everyone is looking into defining a new normal for themselves and their customers, which keeps the business running. 

Once again, Taco Bell has pushed all bounds and updated its restaurant design completely to accommodate the challenges. Starting next year, Taco Bell lovers would see the newly announced “Taco Bell Go Mobile” restaurant.

The company has laid out five main points on which their new restaurant model will be based. The first one out of them is ‘Minimization.’ The footprint that a typical Taco Bell restaurant has will be reduced effectively. From an average of 2500 sq. Ft. it would come down to everything being done within 1325 sq. Ft. This change would be aided by digital advancements being added to the design.

‘Dual drive-thru lanes’ is another concept that Taco Bell has brought forward here. Instead, on just one lane, there would be an additional priority pick up the lane for all the customers who have used the Taco Bell app to order their food. The traditional lane that is there will also be present as the second lane in this system.

Taco Bell is also trying to synchronize the entire experience digitally and physically. The idea is to aid the same with the help of smart kitchen technology and the use of the Taco Bell app in a fairway. Here, the customers will also have the option for a contactless delivery, wherein the food would be delivered on the curbside. It is an option many would be looking for for a long time, which is why it makes a lot of sense.

‘Bellhops’ will be a concierge of team members who will be put in place as a part of the new restaurant system. The team will be operating the tablets in drive-thrus and curbside pickup when the Taco Bell Go Mobile is running. This inclusion is, so customers have a more streamlined experience.

Company officials have said that the new initiative from Taco Bell’s end is to make sure customers can order ahead in time by using the Taco Bell app. The restaurant’s evolved design will facilitate a frictionless ordering and delivery process in times like these when both have been difficult for a while.

Taco Bell expects to open its first location of the ‘Go Mobile’ restaurant by 2021. The exact location of it hasn’t been revealed yet, but we’ll hear it soon.

Taco Bell President, Global COO, Mike Grams also commented on the new venture saying “For the first time, our guests will have the ability to choose the pickup experience that best fits their needs, all while never leaving the comfort of their cars,”

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