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TCL Launches New Android TV at $130

TCL launches new Android TV at $130

TCL is moving fast into new territory with the launch of Android TV-powered models. Their TV line up is already quite well known because of the Roku models that have come before this. Although it seems like TCL isn’t just content with the smartphone business move they have made recently, they are now planning to expand their TV line.

The new Android-powered TV models will be a step up from the previously accessible and popular Roku models. Interested buyers can now buy the new line of TVs on best buy, but only two sets have been made available for purchase as of now.

As one would see that the android powered TVs aren’t best in terms of features because of the lack of the high resolution, you would expect or at least a bigger size, but both of them aren’t present in this new line. What you get for buying the 3 series android models is that they are cheaper than most TVs out there, so it is almost tempting.

TCL hasn’t been very vocal about the features or what they are planning to do with this new set of TVs that they have already launched. We could expect more to come and a lot of information is surely available on their official website, specifically about what the TVs have to offer to the buyers.

For now, the available TVs come in two different sizes and resolutions. A 32-inch model in 720p and a 40-inch model in 1080p is what you have at your disposal. Most of the two models’ specifications are the same, including the dual-core chipset they carry, Dolby digital plus audio support, Wi-fi support, and the 2 HDMI ports.

On the other hand, many specifications vary in the two TV sets, specifically the 120 clear motion index supported by the larger sized television. The smaller one has only 60 clear motion index though and less powerful 5W + 5W speakers, which are 8W + 8W in the larger set.

The android version supported by both TVs hasn’t been made clear by the company just yet. Still, it seems like they might be supporting Android 9 Pie only to deliver the same experience that we usually experience with our android devices like smartphones. It means that users will have the regular perks like Google Play Store for downloading applications, built-in assistant support, and easy casting.

TCL has also informed that the TVs have a voice remote accompanying them, which has a built-in mic to issue voice commands and shortcuts to apps like Netflix and YouTube. Interested buyers can buy any of the TVs now as both sets are up for purchase, the smaller one for $130, and the larger one for $200. Don’t be disappointed with all the big features they don’t have because the price is great.

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