Tesla Plans on Holding the ‘Battery Day’ Event on September 22nd

The long-delayed ‘battery day’ event by Tesla now finally has a date on September 22nd, 2020, the same as the day of the company’s annual shareholder meeting. An official notification has been released by the company stating who all will be attending the event and that it would be held at the company’s vehicle factory in Fermont, California.

The shareholder meeting has also been moved from July 7th to the new date, along with the event being delayed. It was also originally planned to be held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The plan before the pandemic was that the annual meeting would be held by shareholders in person and would be available online as well.

Now, after the world is stuck within the Covid-19 pandemic, large gatherings haven’t been allowed in California after this Elon Musk’s announcement came last month itself, that the meeting will have to be delayed and tentatively be held in September.

As targeted, the annual meeting, along with the ‘battery day’ event, is being held in September. The company assures that it would” monitor public health and travel safety protocols required or recommended by federal, state and local governments.”

For the day of the event, shareholders would first be voting on matters of concern for the company, and many members of the board are up for re-election, so that would also be done the same day. Later, all eligible stockholders would be attending the ‘battery day’ event. Details on the event’s time will be announced later on, but the shareholders’ meeting has been scheduled at 2:30 PM.

During the event, it is expected that news on the advancements that Tesla has accomplished in battery tech will be revealed. It gives the company a lot of advantages over all the other companies involved in designing and manufacturing electric vehicles.

The company had also announced earlier that they would be offering a tour of the company’s ‘cell production system’ to all those attending the event. It probably concerns the ‘Roadrunner’ project, details of which have been kept secret by Tesla for now. Although it is rumored that the project would help reduce the cost of making batteries for the company.

It is believed that once the project is launched, Tesla would be able to produce cheap battery cells at a great scale, and that would allow them to sell the electric vehicles they have at a much cheaper rate. The costs would come down to $100 kW/h for the company, as they have aimed.

It was originally believed that Tesla would be revealing developments in the ‘Roadrunner’ project in the presentation, which will be shown at the ‘battery day’ event. Now the event will solely be focussing on batteries, but many are still expecting an announcement on the production of cheaper cells as a part of the presentation that will be shown at the event.

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