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Tesla showcases its method on building ventilators with car parts

Tesla releases new video on ventilators made from car parts

In the ongoing health crisis and pandemic coronavirus, there has been a rise in the demand for ventilators. The reason behind that is because of the fact that the coronavirus is a respiratory disease and affects the lungs of a person causing it hard for them to breathe. The Tesla Company have been working on to build ventilators using the parts of automobiles. The company has released a new video on its website as well as social media that gives us a behind-the-scenes look into its new manufacturing process.

Not only Tesla but other companies like Ford and General Motors have also started building ventilators from car parts. The reason behind that is simple. Car parts are easily available. Also, it was under the directive of US President Donald Trump who asked private automobile companies to come up with solutions and show their power based on how fast they can produce alternative solutions for the increase in demand for ventilators.

All the automobile companies are staging their part for the final assembly. According to the companies, if they fail to do this, there may be a reduction in the supply of a particular part, for the example door handle. And it will cause the production to slow down, which is not something that the companies are looking forward to at this time of crisis. The engineers of Tesla, in the video, have said that they are working on this problem and to avoid it, the engineers are using as many parts of cars as possible.

The company is using a Model 3 infotainment system in order to power the Model 3 vehicle computer. This vehicle computer is responsible for controlling an air flow manifold. A Model 3 touch screen is being used in the design to act as the controller for the ventilator. To provide an oxygen mixing chamber, the Tesla Company is using a suspension air tank.

The Tesla Company was amongst the first companies to come forward and pledge to provide and donate resources to help stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. They also extended support to help provide supplies to build ventilators in large number to support the COVID-19 affected people in times of their isolation. There was a rise in the demand for ventilators throughout the country as the number of people affected kept increasing in number, but there was no proper medical supply to cope up with that.

Another leading automobile company Ford is also working alongside GE to increase the speed of production of ventilators and to provide the company with resources that will be needed to build it. They are using their own company’s vehicle parts to build respirators, vents and face shields. The GE company has released information that they intend to start building face shields in an Indiana based car factory, and soon the company will be able to deliver 50,000 masks in a day.

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk in a recent statement given by him to the press said that they are aiming to reopen the company’s New York factory to start the production of ventilators as shown in their released video. If the company can deliver the quality along with quantity, the world will soon be able to have the proper medical support to fight the COVID-19 outbreak and also reduce the number of casualties being caused due to the pandemic.

The Tesla Company has not released any further statement related to the launch of the ventilators, by when in it will be ready, or where will the distribution of the ventilators start from. Whether the company intends to ship it worldwide or just in the US is still unknown. Tesla has not responded to any emails, texts or messages, and we are still awaiting a statement by them regarding the matter.

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