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Tesla Sold Over 90,000 Vehicles Despite the Factory Shut Down due to the Pandemic

Tesla sold over 90,000 vehicles despite the factory shut down due to the pandemic

Tesla announced its vehicle count for this quarter, which is 90,650. The company has produced better than expected numbers for the second consecutive quarter. Since COVID 19 hit the world, the auto industries took the biggest fall in terms of the number of products sold. Tesla coming out with this number, has surprised most of the industry giants. Elon Musk’s company did so well even when the whole world was in quarantine, and the global economy has not been in good shape. This quarter is consecutively a second quarter where Tesla has given out better than expected numbers. Even though a number of its factories were shut down due to the pandemic, just like other auto or motor companies, Tesla has done a fairly good job in terms of the number of vehicles sold.

According to CNBC, analysts at Wall Street had predicted that the electric vehicle producing company would go up to a maximum of 70,000 vehicles in terms of sales in these three months. But the company sold over 90,000 vehicles even when its Fremont, California factory was partially shut down. This quarter was second in line after a better than expected kind of quarter. Tesla made over 88000 sales in quarter one of 2020. However, the numbers were relatively lower than the previous quarter, where the company had made more than 112,000 sales by December 2019, this quarter was good as well.

Tesla revealed that it had shipped around 80,050 of its models 3 and Y and sold around 10,600 of its models S and X vehicles. In an interview, the company noted that even though their main factory in Fremont, California, had been shut for the most of this quarter, they had managed to scale their productions back up towards the end of the quarter and thus were able to achieve good numbers. A day before these deliveries went out, Elon Musk, CEO of the country, sent out an email to all of his employees, congratulating them on their hard work and ‘amazing execution’ even during these tough times.

Elon Musk predicted that the company could break even after they were done releasing their Q2 figures. In response to this, the stocks for Tesla raised to their highest level yet. Tesla even crossed Toyota’s figures, whose sales are multiple times more than Tesla’s. Tesla’s sales numbers are only a fraction of what the Japanese auto giant has sold. Although the decision to reopen Tesla’s only US-based factory was a decision that Elon Musk made by going against the country’s health specialists, the company seems to have greatly benefited from the decision. According to other sources, Musk also went ahead and sued the county where it is located and even went ahead to spread misinformation about the virus. 

Musk has been charged with defying the laws and opening the factory even when he was not authorized to do so, thus putting the health of his employees, customers, and vendors on-line. These accusations have not left his back even in Texas, where he is planning to set up another factory and is facing a lot of protests from the public. 

Image source: TheVerge

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