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Tesla to bring Speaking Cars soon, Elon Musk says

Tesla cars might soon be able to talk

Elon Musk has shared a video with the netizens. And guess what, everyone is in a complete state of awe. Okay, Musk bringing insane stuff is not something being done for the first time. But this was unexpected. Of course, it is. Don’t you think so? Hey! We are not lying even.

So, Elon Musk is one most enthusiastic people over the net, and he is seldom away from his followers. Often you find him giving updates about the latest cars and the wonderful tech that Tesla is working on. This is a man, you may like a lot or may absolutely dislike, but one thing is for sure: You just cannot ignore him. He surely keeps his followers hinged to his public posts, no matter what.

This time, he has taken the Twitterati by storm, all thanks to his post on Tesla’s new venture. That is some serious business, guys. Those are talking about cars. Yes, and they would talk to pedestrians or random passers-by or practically anyone, you might want them to (or even not want them to!). This is surely going to be an Artificial Intelligence product.

This feature will be making its way to the series of electric cars ‘soon’, he has remarked. It seems like Tesla has always something or the other dish brewing in its factory kitchens. As per Elon Musk’s Twitter post, Teslas would be talking to people soon if you would want them too. Given that communication is one thing that is seriously getting neglected in an increasingly web-based world, it is a warm gesture.

But apart from that, it is not yet clear what the car shall be able to say. Or, for that matter, let us be honest and ask: Would it speak anything and just about everything? If that is the case, and God forbid if it ever happens to be such a case, then the people are in for trouble. Take our word; we are not even kidding! Just think how easy it will become to bully people.

Elon Musk’s twitter handles currently titled Buff Mage had his words sparkling like a fine wine. He wrote, “Teslas will soon talk to people if you want. This is real.” For God’s sake, even we wanted to hear the second sentence. And it does seem as if Elon Musk deliberately added that last line to emphasize it is actually happening, and that the same is not a prank at the very least.

Nevertheless, you are getting to hear the car in the video clip teaser; Musk has put upon his twitter post. The video clip presents the views of a Model 3 Tesla that drives past people and speaks: “Well, don’t just stand there. Hop in!” Needless to say, the mere sentence is enough to keep the viewers’ minds hooked to his on-going and recent project.

You could take your Tesla through a busy market, and your Tesla is busy hurling seemingly smart comments over the pedestrians or cyclers or at other vehicles even. The real question is, what good does the feature do to the general public? While every feature that adds to the user experience is always welcome, but at present, the feature sounds of a deliberate attempt at ridiculing the “other” people.

What is more? The tool can surely get you into trouble if whatever we are thinking of; it gets to a point when it is idiotically right. Just imagine, the car happens to speak something that the owner never wanted it to. What position does the buyer land himself into then, at that very moment? Would he not feel like disappearing somewhere and drown himself or herself of shame and guilt!

Well, it so might be that we are getting overtly critical of the prodigious venture, or let us be honest and call it an adventure. What do you have to say? Okay, enough of this guessing game and a pseudo-bash on the probable or potential harms when such a system starts running down the lanes! But what is the use? Also, we do not know if the feature would serve any purpose, or it is a mere fun ride.

Whether the same is an audio player or merely an AI-based system, is not clear as of now. It also may be a possibility that Tesla owners that drive in the various sharing ride services like Uber and Ola could benefit from it. This feature would probably garner more attention and attract customers and riders to the ride. We, just like you, are also just playing the guessing game at the moment.

In a holiday update that Tesla had given a sneak peek last week, a full self-driving sneak preview was rolled out by him as a teaser. Talk about recent features, and we have the ‘Tesla Theater’ that got its entry included in the company’s Update Version 10. Even the favorite of all, Disney plus services, will become available for the people to relish and binge-watch through the ‘Tesla Theater’, very soon. It would be worth the wait, we hope so for the talking car!

Image Source: New York Post

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