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Tesla will soon enable in-car YouTube and Netflix streaming

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What can be more interesting than playing games on the in-car displays in the cars? What if we say that you would also be able to watch Netflix and YouTube in the displays? Interesting right? Well, it sure is. Tesla is planning to stream YouTube and Netflix in its car. Elon Musk has recently said in his tweet that the Tesla cars would be able to stream YouTube and Netflix when the car comes to a halt. He has also said that the car would be having an amazingly immersive, cinematic feel due to the comfy seats and the audio quality.

Tesla is known for providing not only information but also entertainment. The cars already have games in them that the customers can play during the ride. There would be more games added to the list according to the announcement made in E3 during June. The added games would be Fallout Shelter, Cuphead and also Atari games like Tempes, Pole Position, and Missile Command along with chess. In the same announcement, it was said that the cars would be streaming YouTube and Netflix in the cars.

While the games can only be played when the car is stopped, with the steering wheel acting as the controller, the same might be applied during the streaming of YouTube and Netflix. Musk has said though, that when the car would be in self-driving mode, the drivers would be able to watch videos. The exact launch of this feature is not yet known but we can expect it to be anytime soon.

The present cars of Tesla do not have HTML5 support due to which the above mentioned feature cannot be installed. The new cars in the future would be having the feature to watch videos on YouTube and Netflix even when the car is in motion. For the feature to work properly, the auto-drive experiment of Tesla needs to be a success only after which one can safely view the videos.

Even if the experiment becomes a success, it would be required that a driver should be behind the wheel in case there is a turn of events. There has been such a case back in 2017 when a Uber car met with an accident while in self-driving mode, which even caused the death of the pedestrian who was involved in the crash.

The accident happened as the test driver had put the car in self-driving mode and was watching The Voice on Hulu and the car, unable to recognize the obstacle, crashed with the pedestrian. To avoid such accidents, Tesla needs to make sure that its self-driving mode is absolutely perfect only after which it can act on the entertainment part of the car.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla would be able to produce the self-driving cars latest by this year. The CEO said that he always wanted the cars to even be a source of entertainment for the drivers so that during a long ride, they won’t get bored. Imagine being able to watch the missed episode of Stranger Things or any of your favorite series while stuck in a heavy traffic jam, definitely an awesome way to pass time in such a situation.

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