Elon Musk boasts of 200,000 preorders for Cybertruck despite the “armoured glass break” fiasco

Tesla gets 200000 preorders despite of its window failure image

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk is a pretty happy man. After the Cybertruck launch program was organized in Los Angeles on Thursday, Musk claims that as on Sunday night, the pickup truck has received at least 200,000 orders. A few hours earlier, Musk had stated that the Cybertruck preorder count had reached about 187,000 orders. The fee one has to pay for putting up a preorder for the same is about $100.

By Saturday, Cybertruck had received about 146,000 preorders as per news. On Saturday, Musk had proudly tweeted that the pickup truck had received a whopping 146k number of preorders. From these, about 42% of people had opted for dual motor Cybertruck. This was followed by 41% opting for a triple motor one, and finally, about 17% of people choosing to preorder a Cybertruck with a single motor. All of the above details were mentioned in Musk’s tweet.

Apparently, the preorder fee of $100 is refundable. This has been stated under the “Cybertruck Motor Vehicle Pre-Order Agreement” which is present on Tesla’s website. However, in order to buy the pickup truck, inspired by Bladerunner, the prospective customers need to take a few additional steps.

Once the customer has completed the procedure of preordering, he would have to visit the Tesla office or showroom. There the customer would have to complete the vehicle configuration process once the options selected by the user at the time of preorder are available in production. Tesla would then provide the customer with the Vehicle Configuration and the Final Price Sheet with the complete details. The final price would be computed as per the base price of the vehicle along with any new options as well as those punched in by the customer.

A person trying to preorder a Cybertruck does not have to shell out a lot of money, as compared to many other Tesla vehicles. For instance, to preorder one of Tesla’s upcoming crossover SUV, which is also denoted as Model Y, interested customers had to shell out a hefty sum of $2500. Likewise, in 2016, Tesla charged $1000 per vehicle for taking preorders for Model 3. Comparatively, a $100 preorder amount for Cybertruck is pretty good.

During the launch event of Cybertruck, Musk made Franz Von Holzhausen, the design in-charge of Tesla, hurl a metal ball at Cybertruck’s armored glass window, shattering it. Musk was embarrassed by this sequence of events, and he stated that Tesla would look into this issue. Following this glass shattering incident, the Internet was flooded with memes. This also caused Tesla’s shares to drop-down by 6.1%. Deutsche Bank had stated that an incident of this sort is not good to happen at a launch event.

In his defense, Musk apparently stated that he was taken by surprise when both the windows of Cybertruck cracked due to the impact of the metal ball. This was certainly not expected as previously, the shatter resistivity of the glass windows were tested by hurling wrenches and even a kitchen sink. Musk said that the glass windows never broke at that time.

Looking at the Cybertruck would give one a feeling that it is a huge trapezoid made up of metal. Its price starts at $39,900. Some Wall Street journalists were a little apprehensive of its design, stating that the design was a bit too extreme, while others felt that it might promote the sales for Tesla.

With Cybertruck, Tesla is providing its sixth electric vehicle since 2003. This pickup truck was viewed as a tough competitor to the Ford F series vehicles and well as Chevrolet Silverado of General Motors.

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