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Tesla’s voluntary recall for 15,000 Model X vehicles over Power Steering Issue

Tesla issue voluntary recall for 15000 Model X SUVs

Tesla voluntarily recalls 150,00 Model X SUV vehicles as they noticed a power steering issue in this model. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated that there is no record of crashes or injuries because of this issue. Despite there being zero accidents recorded based on this issue, Tesla is trying to react proactively and clear this power steering issue in the vehicles. This recall is applied to the 2016 model year vehicles, which are contrived before mid-October 2016. The vehicles of this Model manufactured after mid-October 2016 are not affected.

The recall has to do with 14,193 vehicles from the US and 843 vehicles from Canada. The recall is attentive to the replacement of aluminum bolts in the power steering mechanism.

As the problem is with the power steering bolts, Tesla said that “we have observed excessive corrosion on the bolts that attach this component to the steering gear in affected Model X vehicles. This corrosion has been observed primarily in very cold climateSEOs”.

Source: Tesla Support

The issue also happened in areas where they use calcium or magnesium road salts. They also asserted that if these bolts are prone to excessive corrosion, the bolts may fracture, and the driver may lose the assistance of power steering. If the bolts fail, there is no problem for the driver in steering the vehicle. But it leads to the application of some excessive force while steering the wheel. This is not a problem normally, but it may trouble the driver while driving at a low speed and also while parking the vehicle. However, the assistance of power steering is mostly used in low-speed driving.

Tesla asserted that they would replace the bolts and also apply a corrosion-preventive sealer in the affected vehicles. In this way, the Model X vehicles may also be used in the cold climate regions and also extremely corrosive environments. They said that the service is fully free of cost, and the steering gear is also replaced if needed. Tesla will contact you as soon as the parts are available in your region so that you can schedule an appointment for the service.

Tesla previously announced a similar type of voluntary recall for 123,000 Model S vehicles, which were manufactured before April 2016. And the issue in the 2018 recall is also the same power steering assist bolts. This recall is also taken place without any record of accidents taken place due to this issue. Another voluntary recall is done because of third party suppliers for the faulty gear in the parking breaks. Another issue is with Model X vehicles for the second-row seats.

In Spite of the fact that Tesla has given the priority for the safety of the customer, why is Tesla delayed to recall the Model X vehicles when the same problem is faced with the Model S vehicles. Anyhow they proactively retrofit the issue without any incidents taking place.

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