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Texas Roadhouse Sells Ready-to-go Steak Kits

Texas Roadhouse Sells Ready-to-go Steak Kits

Texas Roadhouse had to decide to sell kits of steak due to shortages of various grocery items in its store. The news has been sourced from Richmond, Virginia, where the popular Texas Roadhouse was all set to sell ready-to-grill steak kits, all due to grocery shortages in its multiple stores.

The ready-to-go kits will cover essential items like meat, seasonings, and recipe and directions for cooking at home as well. This way, consumers can purchase the steak and cook at home while using the seasoning and reading the directions given. The decision was imperative, given that it was a demand of the visitors.

There are a variety of cuts that are available in Texas Roadhouse for the wilful customers, and those include the Ribeye, New York Strip, and Sirloin as well. In keeping with the idea to serve kits of steak, Travis Doster, Texas Roadhouse Vice President of Communications, stated, “The decision to sell steaks was based on demand from guests. Restaurants are a vital part of our nation’s food supply, and we’re stepping in where we can to help fill any gaps.”

People can also go for purchasing pork chops from the eatery, which is present at all leading locations in and around the place. The restaurant is also providing Curbside To-Go service to let guests pick up food and eatable stuff. The people do not need to leave their cars at all. Not just that, the company has also come up with Family Value Packs, which also, similarly, can be ordered from the comfort of the cars.

The company has made a point to engage its app to place online orders with the help of the website or application. Customers can even get their orders made while calling them over the phone. Every Texas Roadhouse shall be open for the customers every day to allow people to pick their favorite food items from there. You can go for the family pack or simply the individual food items through the To-Go service provided by the restaurant.

There are a variety of dishes that can be summarised as Ribs, Cheeseburgers, Chicken Critters, Pulled Pork, Grilled Chicken, Beef Tips, and Sirloin Steaks. These shall make up for the choice of entrée. These items have always been there in high demand from the restaurant before the menace spread by the coronavirus when all eateries and food joints have had to suffer an extreme drop in sales.

The prices are affordable as well; for instance, the Family Value Pack and the dinners for four have been priced at a sum of $ 19.99. These packs will include freshly baked rolls to gorge on, a choice of entrée (a list of the same is given above), four extra dishes to go by the side, a large salad to nibble on, and honey cinnamon butter to scoop and spread and taste.

The customer will not need to get down to the store. The food shall be reached to him or her with complete safety. You need to place an order via the website or the app, and you are good to go.

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