The 2020 International New York auto show officially called off.

The show is usually held in April every year. The sudden yet substantial strike by COVID 19 compelled the event holders to reschedule the show. Initially, the event was postponed to August of 2020 and was going to be organized in a proper disciplinary manner, while following the social distancing guidelines stated by the government. Although the disease seems to be in control, the New York auto show has officially been postponed to spring 2021.

Mark Scheinberg, president of the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, is the organization that hosts as well as owns the New York Auto Show. He stated that as representatives of automobile retailers, they know that when this crisis passes, there will be an “enormous pent-up demand for new vehicles” in the region and across the country.

He added that they also know “how important the Show is for consumers,” navigating the process. He put a focus on the “immense planning” that the automakers and their exhibit partners will have to put into the show. “Because of the virus’s uncertainty, we feel it would not be prudent to continue with the 2020 Show and instead are preparing for an even greater 2021,” Schienberg noted.

The Jacob K. Javits convention center, where the show is held annually, is currently being used as a COVID 19 field hospital. Although presently the treatment center is not managing any patients, the authorities of the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association realize that the center must remain active or in “standby mode” in case of any emergency scenarios.

The New York Auto Show is now scheduled to start on April 2 and commence on April 11. The press days begin from March 31 and run through April 1. Previously it was scheduled to start on April 10 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre.

These motor shows turn out fruitful for the automakers in the sense that they lead to increased customer enthusiasm for the new automobile models. In light of the current situation, automakers expect a rise in demand. A census shows that half the people consider public transport unsafe these days and prefer to commute only in their vehicles. It assists them in following social distancing and keeping themselves safe from the disease.

COVID 19 has drastically affected the automobile industry, canceling large scale motor shows across the globe. The list of canceled motor shows in 2020, consisting of the Geneva motor show, Beijing motor show, Paris motor show, and Detroit motor show, has now been joined by the New York Auto Show as well.

Huge brands like Audi and Mercedes bailed out of the show before it was postponed, BMW backed out before the 2019 show. It reveals how such motor events and auto shows are slowly losing their charm as big companies have started registering the fact that they do not need to spend on such extensive show stands to attract customers to their latest launches.

Image source: TheVerge

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