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The Design of BMW’s Latest Electric Scooters are a Class Apart

The Design of BMW’s Latest Electric Scooters are a Class Apart

BMW has brought about two new electric scooters, the BMW Definition CEO4 electric scooter, and the BMW RI8. From their looks, they do seem highly elegant. Let us have a look at their features.

The BMW Definition CEO4

BMW claims that the BMW Definition CEO4 would be completely upgrading the complete electric scooter concept. BMW has brought about this scooter keeping in mind both the transportation and communication requirements of riders. The CEO4 is a perfect example of BMW’s motto – ‘Plugged to life.’ The scooter aids to link both the analog and digital environments of the rider.

Coming to the design of the BMW Definition CEO4, this is nowhere close to the classic electric scooter models. The vehicles’ body is quite close to ground level, and it is a little enlarged lengthwise. The vehicle body also houses a small drive train as well as a battery. The weight of the vehicle is handled pretty well, thanks to its low center of gravity.

A few storage pockets have been provided on the sides, within which the rider can either place any of his personal items or even a helmet. The seating arrangement has also been made quite different, and the rider can get on to the seat either from the sides or from the back portion of the scooter. This type of seating arrangement provides a lot of seating flexibility for both riders and passengers. The seat can even be adjusted by moving it towards the front, or it can be pushed backward too, which becomes quite feasible for riders who are quite tall.

The vehicle consists of two colors. The vehicle’s main body is metallic white, while its central portion is severed with matt black color. Two U-shaped LED lights act as the front lights of the scooter. Two C-shaped light accessories act as the scooter’s taillights.

A display screen measuring 10.25 inches sits on the scooter. This display conveys important information to the rider. A phone charging feature is also present within the scooter, ensuring that riders always remain connected even during a ride.


The BMW RI8 consists of a huge combustion engine. Functionality and feature-wise, it is not very different from the BMW Definition CEO4. Valued at about 18,995 pounds, the RI8 arrives in two variations, First Edition and Classic.

The entire body of the vehicle is in shiny black finish. The top covers of the exhaust, as well as the cylinders, consist of additional chrome polish. The complete appearance of the vehicle is quite elegant and dashing. 

A dual-cylinder boxer engine with a capacity of 1802 cc provides power to the vehicle. That is the biggest ever cylinder capacity made by BMW. A nickel-coated shaft lies in between.

The bike consists of three rider modes: Rain, Roll, and Rock. Riders can choose whichever mode suits them. The RI8 weighs about 345 kg. Bike gear specialists Roland Sands and Vance & Hines have designed many additional add-ons for this bike. This bike displays the elegancy factor in BMW bikes.

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