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The famous E3 event is not happening in 2020

The famous E3 event is not happening in 2020

Many people might be aware that the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) hosts an annual event called Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) every year. However, this year, the company has confirmed to Ars Technica that the event would not be taking place. The event usually takes place for three complete days, and this year, it was slated to happen sometime during the early phase of June. Usually, this is the time the E3 event occurs every year. 

The event was supposed to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Once Ars Technica received hints regarding the cancellation of the event, Devolver Digital, a video-game firm, also posted a message on Twitter saying, “Cancel your E3 flights and hotels, y’all.” However, at the time when this message was posted, ESA had not stated anything regarding the cancellation of E3 2020. 

A source who had a word with Ars Technica in the background claimed that the news of the event being canceled came directly from a few members involved with ESA. ESA had planned on making a public announcement with regards to the E3 event being called off, however, the matter just slipped out of their mouths before that. The news was supposed to be made public on the 10th of March. 

Ars Technica posed a few questions to the representatives of ESA on about cancellation of the event if it has been postponed and would be held on a later date. However, the ESA folks have not yet provided any statements regarding the same. Questions were also being posed whether the event would be held at a different place altogether, or whether it would be projected as a virtual, live-streaming event. 

The exact reasons for the cancellation of the event are unknown so far. However, sometime last month, ESA had expressed fears regarding the spread of Corona-virus and how it could impact E3 as well as all the major expo events in 2020 throughout the world. ESA had also stated that it would take preventive measures and would make arrangements in such a manner that the E3 event would be smooth and successful. ESA had also mentioned that it would be monitoring all the events slated to occur in Los Angeles. 

Post this announcement, all of E3’s directors who are hired on a contractual basis, as well as the merchandise and events company “iam8bit,” gave their resignations from the job. They were into all this work for barely five weeks. 

Sometime in February, there was another announcement stating that Geoff Keighley, who has been a collaborator for E3 for a long time, would not be a part of the E3 event. 

The E3 event has been a very famous one for games. However, in the past few years, major game publishers have backed out from the event. EA decided not to be a part of the E3 event from 2016, as it has been organizing “EA Play,” an annual event of its own, around the same time every year. Nintendo was regularly a part of the E3 event. However, it decided to showcase its own Nintendo Direct presentations, that were already filmed, on YouTube. 

Sony also was not a part of E3 2019 that surely raised many eyebrows. Moreover, it had already confirmed that it would not be participating in E3 2020 as well. Sony is held up with the launch of a new PlayStation 5 console, slated to happen in the second half of the year. 

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