The Latest Troy-Bilt Mowers of SpaceSavr Fame are Compact and Save Space

Who would not like to use space efficiently within their homes? To fulfill the same requirement, Troy-Bilt has introduced two latest mowers within the walk-behind mower category. These mowers are quite small and compact. They occupy very little space and can be easily kept within a garage or a shed. These mowers are self-propelling and push mower models that can be folded such that they end up occupying at least 72% less space when compared to the classic walk-behind mowers. 

Both of these mowers, namely, the TB260 XP self-propelled mower and the TB170 XP push mower, belong to the category of the SpaceSavr mowers. Both of these mower models come with a small footprint. Additionally, they are also equipped with a fold-and-stow handle owing to which they can be easily laid flat below a tool bench. They can also be kept in a standing position and leaned against the wall or within any compact place without occupying much storage space. Space saver mowers are very steady and stay in one place when folded. A rear clip has been designed that can behave as a kickstand whenever the mower is kept folded. This clip helps in maintaining its steadiness. 

Both of these mowers are equipped with the Troy-Bilt OHV 149cc engine that comes with the AutoChoke feature. Moreover, these can start without much difficulty. They also contain a lot of power for quick and efficient functionality. Both the mowers come with a distinctly designed fuel tank and carburetor system to ensure that there is no fuel leakage whenever the mower is stored in a vertical position. Hence, there is no danger of fuel wastage here. 

The height at which one wishes to mow their  lawn can be decided here. This customization is achieved very easily with the help of a dual-lever, 6-position height adjustment control. The maintenance of these mowers is also quite convenient as both are equipped with a deck wash adaptor. By simply connecting a classic garden hose pipe to the wash adaptor, the dirt under the deck can be easily cleaned without much of a hassle. 

Barbara Roueche, brand manager of Troy-Bilt, went on to say, “Dealing with excess clutter in the garage or shed can make lawn maintenance tasks seem like more of a hassle and also presents a safety hazard. The new mowers with SpaceSavr storage help solve those problems by freeing up valuable storage space where it counts, while still delivering rugged and durable performance.”

The TB260 XP self-propelled mower and the TB170 XP push mower are equipped with the following features:

  1. The TriAction cutting system provides a very neat look to the lawn after it has been mowed. The grass-cutting would be very precise. 
  2. A 3-in-1 deck design that can help the user move in easily between mulch, side discharge tasks, and rear bagging of clippings.
  3. A fingertip height adjustment feature enables easy customization of the cut between 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches. 

The TB260 XP self-propelled mower is also equipped with a front-wheel-drive whose speed can be varied to gain better control over the lawn mower and help it take quicker turns. Both of these models are manufactured in the US. Also, both the mowers have a limited three-year warranty. 

What is Troy-Bilt into?

Troy-Bilt has been known since 1937 for manufacturing one of the finest lawn and garden-based equipment. Troy-Bilt products include one of the finest quality tractors, mowers, tillers, cultivators, trimmers, snowblowers, and various other tools that can be used outdoors. Troy-Bilt strives to produce the best quality products within the United States. It has its headquarters in Valley City, Ohio, and manufacturing outlets established in various other cities like Tennessee and Mississippi.

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