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The Weather Channel provides with maps to track Coronavirus cases spread in the US

The Weather Channel provides with maps to track Coronavirus cases spread in the US

Technology has had an increasing role to play in tackling the menace of the recent global pandemic owing to the Coronavirus outbreak. The economic superpower of the present times, the US is not immune to the havoc. As such, The Weather Channel has come up with maps’ features giving details about Coronavirus cases based on reports from the WHO and other local authorities.

The total tally of the COVID 19 in the States has crossed 64,000, with the total number of deaths approaching 900. As more and more cases create panic situations in the States, the onus on technological intervention has become greater than ever. Be it precise forecasts or quick data and information on weather. The Weather Channel has been a great source of accurate details. 

As such, The Weather Channel has been graceful enough to add “Incidents Map” to the existing line of its numerous services. The app does well to provide you with insights into the growth of viruses across various regions in the United States in the tabulated manner and by way of a bar chart as well.

The app gives weather forecasts as well as news on the recent developments in the wake of the recent Coronavirus outbreak. The map in the latest Android app update to version 10.7.0 ensures that you get real-time data about the different counties of the States. The places have been marked with gradients and shades of colors and marked as per the intensity of the current situation.

The user is also able to zoom in to see the numbers of cases in individual counties in real-time. You get a regularly updated list of states that have been hit the hardest. You also get data in support of the argument. The numbers are marked on the map to make citizens aware of the continuing crisis. It also helps to ensure that people adopt all safety measures to keep away from the virus and stay away from regions with the most number of cases.

The use of technology has been able to make the otherwise impossible task possible. China is the biggest example. With an adequate supply of drones and delivery of food and medicines using them, the most populous country has almost won half the battle. The conditions are approaching the normal way of life.

In the case of the small island nation, Singapore, public health situations are commendable. The country did not need to implement a shutdown. Its schools and colleges have remained open, thanks to the state initiative of regularly updating its people over WhatsApp through an official chat account. The use of high-tech tools run by the government. It is equally beneficial.

The smartphone app called “TraceTogether” that works via Bluetooth helps to track users’ locations, and proximity to other people has made things simpler. It alerts people if they come in contact with others who have tested positive or pose a high risk of carrying the virus. The result is that there have been less than 600 cases in total. 

All other countries should take note and follow the lead. There is one thing to note, though. Such apps, if allowed as part of the state health apparatus, could pose a breach in privacy as per stringent privacy measures in the United States, as several health-related details of people are usually collected in the least case. At the same time, at most, they go in for a display.

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