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The Xbox Series X Refrigerator is here for Real

The Xbox Series X refrigerator is here for real

For the past few months, various jokes and humorous memes were circulating stating how the Xbox Series X resembled a refrigerator. Well, it looks like Microsoft took these jokes too seriously and converted them into reality.

The Xbox Series X fridge is coming for real. To promote the same, Microsoft has organized an Xbox Series X sweepstakes in which users can participate starting today, and win the appliance. It is valid till November 4. 

The official Twitter account of Xbox has posted a video, depicting how the Xbox Series X fridge looks like. There is indeed, a lot of resemblance between the Xbox Series X fridge and the Xbox Series X console. The Xbox Series X fridge consists of a thin indentation at the location where a disc drive is normally inserted with an Xbox Series X console. It protrudes towards the upper side.

Apart from all of this, a glowing Xbox logo sits on the upper left portion of the appliance, giving it an elegant look, and also portraying the fact that this belongs to the Xbox brand. 

The video portrays the message stating that the appliance would provide “The Next Generation Experience.” It also states that the Xbox Series X fridge would be “More Immersive Than Ever” and it would be “Utilizing The Latest In Cooling Technology.” 

To participate in this competition, the person should be a minimum of 18 years old. People residing within those countries where Xbox is supported or sold are eligible to participate in this contest. It includes many locations across the world. The lucky one would end up owning an Xbox Series X fridge free of cost. 

The Xbox Series X fridge would be roughly priced around $500. This cost is equivalent to that of the console itself. Consoles can be preordered via the Xbox Series X pre order page, and these would be delivered by November 10.

However, to participate in this contest, the user should mandatorily be a follower of the official Xbox account on Twitter. The user is also required to retweet the promotional post all over again by appending the hashtag #XSXFridgeSweeps. However, it is important to make a note here that the user’s account cannot be hidden from others or be made private. 

People can participate in the contest up to 7 pm PST or 10 pm EST till November 4. For people residing in the UK, the validity is until 2 am GMT on November 5. People wishing to own a real console can go through the Xbox Series X pre order webpage. An unboxing video of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has also surfaced, which can give interested people a lot many insights on how these consoles would be. 

It is not the very first time that a kitchen appliance has been developed in connection with the gaming world. Sometime in 2015, an R2D2 mini-sized fridge was made after taking inspiration from the Star Wars movie series. Then, the Skyrim: Very Special Edition game can be played by taking the help of Alexa-supported devices. And finally, there were reports which stated that the Doom Eternal game could play atop the screen of a Samsung smart fridge.

With the evolution of smart appliances, we can expect many more such developments are going further.

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