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Tier’s Electric Scooters to Feature Integrated Helmets

Tier’s electric scooters to feature integrated helmets

European vehicle company Tier will be integrating helmets to its scooters to ensure its customers wear helmets while driving. It has become the first major company to integrate this essential component along with the main product.

The foldable helmets can easily fit inside a box. The box is also attached to the scooter at a separate space provided slightly below the handlebars. Tier has been making ambitious plans to come up with 200 scooters that come with those well-thought pre-installed helmets. These electric scooters will be on sale in Paris and Berlin. 

Over the next few months, the thoughtful vehicle company, Tier is also thinking to deploy some more scooters to this fleet that will be extending to a few thousand. The exact numbers talk about their earmarking of an extra 5,000 scooters equipped with helmets for buyers’ safety. 

It is important as road accidents are on the increase. In the last 4 years, it has been found out in a study conducted by JAMA Surgeries that electric scooter injuries have nearly tripled. Given such statistics, companies must come forward to introduce creative solutions to help prevent fatal head injuries.

Tier had been founded, 2 years back in the year 2018. The company is based in Berlin, Germany. The company is presently operating in 55 cities in a total of 11 countries around the world. Tier, the vehicle startup, has been able to raise a big amount of $ 131 million through funding. Three months back, the startup had taken to the Series B round of its funding to amass a total of over $ 100 million. This addition will be used for R&D.

Next, we saw Tier announcing the acquisition of another vehicle company that dealt with scooters. That company was Coup’s, whose electric moped scooters were also popular. Tier had acquired it to venture into the moped scooters’ production. This way, the startup could run its very own shared moped service. 

It is interesting to see how so many companies in the vehicle business are going the creative route. One was the extreme prowess of Wheels that launched its pedal-less e-bikes that were to be made available for restaurants that extend their deliveries and to many non-profits and other individuals.

The one thing that was very special about these bikes and the prime reason we write to quote the creativity of the company making these bikes was their handlebars and brake levers. The brake levers and the handlebars came with a self-cleaning feature. This technology had a name as well and was called NanoSeptic technology.

In this technology, the company got mineral nano-crystals to carry out an oxidation reaction harsher than bleach. This very technology can turn any surface to clean itself on its own. Thus, be it door handles or your doormat or tableware and table cover, if you want the thing to clean itself, all you need to do is to ensure it has got the technology right!

Just like this technique, Tier is also putting its brains behind a similar project. Tier is trying to bring an anti-bacterial, self-disinfecting technology that will easily clean handlebars on their own from Proteus. Tier is experimenting on this handlebar cleansing antibacterial technology in Paris and Bordeaux. We believe the company will soon be sharing the good news with us.

Image source: Techcrunch

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