Tik Tok Clone Zynn is Paying Users for watching videos

Tik Tok has already made the news for so many reasons, new challenges, and so much more because of the hold it had over the market, but now it has a competitor, rather a clone. The new app Zynn which is being called as the competitor apparently, is the same as Tik Tok in almost every aspect, except for one, that it pays users to watch videos, sign up and eventually ask others to sign up as well.

The app Zynn was launched in May, and it hasn’t taken much time, much like its clone, to reach the list of top free apps on play store. There is hardly any difference that has been noticed in Tik Tok and Zynn as the interface displays similar features along with use where users are watching short videos. Although, there is a countdown timer with a dollar sign hovering on top of every video. The more you watch, the more rewards are added to your timer.

Despite Zynn being the clone of Tik Tok, it does bring in the new concept of paying to watch videos. The rewards being added to the user’s account can later be redeemed as cash or as gift cards. Many YouTubers have posted videos of them receiving these rewards, which indicates what Zynn is offering might be true. 

For the most part, it seems like the app came out of nowhere. It didn’t and is an extension of rivalry noticed over apps in China. The creator of the app that is Kuaishou is a well-funded startup that runs one of the country’s biggest apps. The technique used by Kuaishou comes from how Douyin works, which is the Chinese version of Tik Tok. The ultimate turn overcomes from the adverts sold by the company. 

Kuaishou has recently been invested in by Tencent, the tech company behind WE chat, for the amount of 2 billion dollars. This investment was made to curb the threat of Bytedance, which makes apps like Tik Tok. This expansion into the US with Zynn seems like a step in the direction and an extension of the main goal. The company has eventually taken to finding its place in the market and taken on Bytedance. 

Zynn is expected to grow even more than it already has. The key reason is that the users are getting paid $0.12 for a minute of watching, which is pretty decent. The referral scheme that it has seems to be another and more long-term approach towards its spread among users. If any user can sign up five more users, they are awarded $110. Zynn can pull a lot of content from Kuaishou, so there’s pre-loaded content for users. 

If you are a new user of Zynn, the app will directly open to the video interface where you can watch videos without signing up, much like Tik Tok. For earning rewards, though, you will need to sign up. Most video content at the moment is from Kuaishou, so it might just be useful.

Image source: 9to5mac

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