TikTok apologizes & unblocked the user it banned for talking about the abuses against Uighurs in China

TikTok banned the user who talked about the abusive treatment of Muslims in China. The user was locked out of the account. But TikTok policies say that any content related to terrorism will only be banned. So, later on, TikTok itself apologized to the teen and returned her previous account.

Actually, TikTok blocked the user named Feroza Aziz from her new account (@getmefamousplzsir). The 17-year-old teenager actually used this account to post a video criticizing the Chinese government for their ill-treatment of the Uighurs Muslims. But, the new account was blocked by the TikTok without any reason.

TikTok says that the previous account of the same user posted a comic video that included the picture of Osama Bin Laden. So, according to TikTok policies, it will take down any account which posts videos regarding terrorism. TikTok says that the users’ old account included terrorism videos. And as the new account of the user was associated with the same device. TikTok says that it banned the users’ new account and calls it a “human moderation error”.

But, later on, TikTok apologized to the teenager and gave back the access to her account. TikTok also banned 2,406 devices, which was actually associated with the banned device a week later. So, TikTok says the ban was just a “human moderation error”. And the video she posted on her new account from which she was blocked was taken down from the platform just for 50 minutes.

Also, the video she posted is still visible on the platform, and it has been viewed by over 1.7 million times. This much view has been reached even though Aziz had been locked out of the account. Actually, the problem became a big issue when TikTok censors content, which is against the Chinese government alone.

Even the US government opened an investigation for the TikTok regarding the privacy of the data which it is storing. It also wants to investigate whether TikTok is hiding sensitive information regarding the Chinese government alone. But, TikTok says, “We have never been asked by the Chinese government to remove any content, and we would not do so if asked.“

Aziz was extremely unsatisfied by the behavior of the TikTok when it banned the user from her account right after she posted the video regarding the ill-treatment of the Uighurs Muslims by the Chinese government.

So she shared her concern over her Twitter account, saying, “Do I believe they took it away because of a unrelated satirical video that was deleted on a previous deleted account of mine? Right after I finished posting a 3 part video about the Uighurs? No.“


So, TikTok says that the company is reviewing its moderation processes and policies and will be soon releasing an updated transparency report in two months. The company says that it will make exceptions for satirical content like the ones Aziz posted, which is the comic video with Osama Bin Laden’s picture. TikTok, which has been asking for the censorship claims and this mistake of banning a user who posted a video regarding the ill treatment of the Uighurs Muslims by the Chinese government, is a big mistake. TikTok should have given a better explanation for this issue, but we can itself understand that mistakes like these in big social media platforms is very common.

TikTok says that the video was only removed after four days after it was posted on November 23rd due to an “human moderation error”. But TikTok reinstated the account since then and said that it did not violate its community guidelines. In the video posted by Feroza Aziz, she says the people who are watching to take their phones and check about Uighurs Muslims being treated badly. That is, the Chinese government is throwing innocent Muslims in concentration camps.

Asking them to eat pork and also asking them to drink. She says that Muslims are separated from their families; some are even murdered and rapped. They are even forced to convert to other religions, she says. Aziz says this is called as holocaust even in this generation, and she asks why is no one even talking about it. Aziz asks to spread awareness regarding it in Xinjiang right now.

TikTok but stresses that the removal of this video from TikTok has nothing to do with the Chinese government. Aziz told that she has been into human rights and talking about ill treatment of minority groups in China since 2018. And, is extremely disappointed with the Muslims being oppressed. The account was banned in the process of banning the previous 2,406 devices related to the old account.

While TikTok is saying, it is a common human mistake and apologizes for it. And the company also says it will fix the problems it created faster. But, Aziz says, “TikTok is trying to cover up this whole mess. I won’t let them get away with this.“

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