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TikTok Decides to Give Away $375 Million Towards COVID 19

TikTok decides to give away $375 Million towards COVID 19

TikTok has pledged a sum of $375 million towards the relief cause of Coronavirus affected people and regions. To those fighting against the disease, which is now a full-blown biological emergency, the social media giant has announced several relief initiatives. The funding includes help for health heroes as well.

The breakup of the $ 375 million sums is given as follows: $ 250 million shall be sourced in funds while a significant amount of $ 100 million will be given through the use of ad credits, while another $ 25 million would go in ad space for disseminating crucial and timely information on public health. The company has also decided that it will match an extra $ 10 million in donations.

The $ 25 million amount has been separately pledged towards various information initiatives and current campaigns. The amount will make its way to the local authorities, NGOs, health authorities, etc. in ad space. It would contribute towards the spread of authentic and timely information about the pandemic. A part of the total money will ensure adequate supplies of medical equipment and medicines as well.

The most important part of the funding initiative from TikTok is its policy towards health professionals working in recent times, keeping their lives in danger. The Health Heroes Relief Fund, with a capacity of $ 150 million, will go precisely towards the same cause. This significant amount will prove to be exemplary for providing relief to the tireless medical staff and hardworking healthcare workers.

Again, the social media platform has been equally generous towards its Community Relief Fund, where it dedicated a sum of $ 40 million in total, which aims to allocate money to societies working in this field already to help that strata of society that has been hit the hardest. A number of organizations have been working to identify individuals, families, and businesses that have been trampled by this medical and global health crisis.

These societies run special initiatives to cater to the bread and butter of the lowest rung of society on a daily basis. Indeed, millions of people have been deprived of their livelihood due to the health crisis. At last, the platform has dedicated an additional $ 50 million towards supporting the cause of distance learning initiatives.

The 100 million dollar sum for ad credits has been dedicated to small businesses specifically. Small and medium-sized businesses have suffered greatly in the wake of the pandemic. Earlier, Google, too, had announced a sum of $ 200 million through investment funds. Google had allocated a sum of $ 340 million in ad credits as well.

Lately, TikTok has been criticized a lot due to its unnerving system of encouraging conspiracy theories around the virus and the pandemic. In one of those posts, there was one piece about a nationwide quarantine that had generated a lot of furor and confusion among the masses that rely on the social media platform on a daily basis. 

The sum of 25 million dollars for the cause of trusted information spreading, could also be seen as an apology for the repeated lies that it allowed over its platform. Earlier, it was Facebook that had pledged a sum of $ 100 million in journalism towards the war against media conspiracies and the planning to have a trusted and reliable source of information.

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