TikTok launches parental control; here’s what you need to know about it

The very popular social media app, which lets its users share videos, crossed the 1.5 billion downloads marks just the previous year in November 2019. The success of the platform, which started back in 2016, is truly remarkable. The platform has gained 500 million active users in the 3 years since its launch in the year 2016. With the growing and roaring popularity of the app, children also seem to be drawn increasingly to the app.

As such, it was imperative for the company to come up with protective features to safeguard the rights of children using the app. Although the content on the app is mostly harmless and full of fun, there remains a certain degree of concern for the kids that spend a good portion of their time over the video-sharing social media platform. The platform has brought in some totally new safety features, which would be allowing the parents to control the content that their kids view on the platform.

TikTok allows its people to make short and creative videos that are primarily meant for entertainment. TikTok is based in China, and within a span of just over 3 years, it has garnered an immense fan following. The Chinese social media app lets its users make short lip-syncing clips that they can share with their followers and also watch other such content. Over the years, it has been sowing most of its fandom in the youth circles. Getting increasingly popular with the young generation comes with its consequences.

But now that the platform developers have inserted safety features in the form of parental control, parents should be aware of the features. But, for the parents to take control of what the child views, they need to first update the app to the latest version. Without an update, the new features may not be seen in previous versions of the app. “As part of our commitment to safety, the well-being of our users is incredibly important to us,” said Cormac Keenan, who leads TikTok in the segment of trust and safety in Europe.

The one important question is, what all shall the newly updated app allow its users. Answering to that, parents would be able to keep a tab on the total amount of screen time that is allowed to their children on the app every day. They would also be empowered to restrict who can send direct messages to their child’s account. The features do not stop here. On top of that, the safety tools also let parents manage the child’s TikTok feed.

Parents will be able to rebuff wrong or potentially damaging content. Thus the app has initiated to let parents act as the de facto guardians to children’s safety and security over the web. They will also be able to limit or turn off direct messaging feature also. Thus, the content that appears in the feed of their kids’ TikTok account can be limited and controlled by the parents very easily.

In the United Kingdom, a thoughtful feature like the Family Safety Mode and Screen time Management that has been newly incorporated will start to show in the TikTok feed pretty soon and would be made accessible to U.K.’s TikTok users.

Cormac Keenan added emphatically, “We want people to have fun on TikTok, but it’s also important for our community to look after their well-being, which means having a healthy relationship with online apps and services.”


For all this to be done, the parents will simply need to link their TikTok accounts with those of their children. And, that is it. They can simply start hovering over the type of content their kids see on a daily basis, set filters, and extend control. The screen time management tool on the feed will also ensure that children do not spend more than the allowed time over the platform. The efforts are directed towards its users, carving a healthy relation with online apps and services.

It is relevant to note that the efforts have come at a time when the country has decided to install a web regulatory authority OfCom to regulate internet harms such as child sexual exploitation and abuse and terrorism. The regulatory authority Ofcom will have wide and varied powers to hold companies accountable if they do not take charge of the safety of their users and consumers.

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