TikTok makes a huge donation of $3 million to Charity Feeding Kids

The After-School All-Stars charity will soon be receiving a gracious donation from TikTok after the social media giant company announced a $3 million donation to be made to the charity. The After-School All-Stars charity is founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is a popular Hollywood actor and the former governor of California. The charity will be a means to feed families who have been affected by the closing of public schools in the wake of the COVID-19 attack.

In a statement released by TikTok on Thursday, the company said that every family associated with the After-School All-Stars would be receiving vouchers that can be used to spend on food and grocery. Not only vouchers, but the company will also be distributing gift cards to these affected families so that they can spend it on essentials like medical supplies and food.

In their statement, the company said, “We are all operating in uncertain times, and it’s more important now than ever before for both our local and global communities to come together to help those in need.”

The above statement was released by the General Manager of TikTok Vanessa Pappas. She further said, “This pledge to ASAS will help more students get access to meals, safely provided to them, during this crisis. While this alone won’t mitigate the impact of the current situation, we hope it can relieve one worry for parents who are balancing social distancing mandates, work, and caring for children who can no longer go to school each day”.


According to reports, all the families that belong to cities affected by the COVID-19, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Newark, New York, and Washington, will be receiving the donation. These are the areas that have been affected the most by the ongoing pandemic, and whether the donation will be extended to nearby places is still unknown. 

The food partners that have agreed to the initiative are Giant, Kroger, Walmart, Ralphs, Publix, Food Land, Safeway, and Target.

Bytedance owns TikTok, and it is a Chinese media company. It is not only $3 million that the company will be donating, but also $1 million as Employee donation, to help the After-School All-Stars charity group to extend their services to more children and families affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

After the company made the announcement, Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a press conference that during a health crisis to this extent, improvisations need to make, and everyone needs to come together at finding new solutions and ways to help the most affected and vulnerable.

In his statement, the former Governor of California said, “The After-School All-Stars programs are paused with schools closed, but we remain committed to supporting the 100,000 families we work with year-round. When I founded After-School All-Stars in 1992, the goal was always to support the families who need it the most. I’m grateful to TikTok for their donation, which allows us to shift our priorities so our team can safely deliver groceries and gift cards for groceries to the families we help”.

It is huge, and TikTok has become the first company to come forward and extend their help and support to children that are no longer able to attend public school, and also to the families that are the most vulnerable at this point of time. The donations will be converted into gift cards and vouchers and will be distributed equally amongst the chapters of the After-School All-Stars program. 

The children or affected family can use these vouchers and gift cards in any of the food partners associated with the movement, such as Walmart and Kroger. Currently, the Giant, Kroger, Walmart, Ralphs, Publix, Food Land, Safeway, and Target are the only food partners that have joined hands to contribute to the charity. Whether more companies like Facebook and Google will be willing to come forward with more ideas and solutions is awaited.

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