TikTok Opposed by the Department of Justice on an Injunction

A lot of speculation has been going around the ban that is about to be imposed on TikTok in the U.S. Bytedance, the parent company of TikTok, is not ready to back out just yet. Following the same, TikTok requested an injunction against Trump’s administration’s plans to ban the app. 

The Department of Justice has now filed an opposition against this injunction. The reason given by the agency on blocking the ban is that “infringe on the President’s authority to block business-to-business economic transactions with a foreign entity amid a declared national-security emergency.”


The Department of Justice has claimed that Zhang Yiming, the CEO of Bytedance, is connected to the Chinese Communist Party and very much leans towards promoting their purpose and message across. In addition to this, the opposition filing states that TikTok has been storing users’ data. The significant risks posed by this claim are high given that users’ data is being stored outside of the United States.

The ban on the app that was supposed to happen has requested an injunction on it. Originally, TikTok was given September 15th as the deadline by which they had to sell off any China-linked operations to operate in the U.S. Later. App stores were ordered to ban the app by September 20th.

The app wasn’t banned on the 20th because a tentative deal with Oracle was given the go-ahead. The President approved the last-minute deal. Now, their injunction claims that an order given by the Trump administration violates their right to freedom and speech. The lawsuit was filed by TikTok last month because the ban’s decision is way ahead of the power that the President carries.

In a recent statement about the national security emergency, it was said by the company that TikTok has “made extraordinary efforts to try to satisfy the government’s ever-shifting demands and purported national security concerns,” including changing the company’s ownership and structure.”

A hearing has been scheduled for this Sunday regarding the injunction. The Trump administration does not seem to be eradicating any plans of making sure there are no new downloads of the video-sharing app in the future.

TikTok is expected to be arguing that a ban like this would cause indefinite harm to the company. Their video-sharing app has more than 100 million users in the US itself; hence this is not a small step.

The band expected to take place would not immediately prevent usage but only prevent new users from downloading the app. Analysts argue here that old users would not be able to download any security-related updates or new patches, which isn’t the best scenario.

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