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Timekettle Technologies makes voice translator and voice separation device

Timekettle Technologies brings voice translator and voice separator

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the China-based tech company, has come up with a unique solution to reduce the barriers of religion. In an attempt to strengthen global ties and foster global bonding, this innovation from the Chinese company has proved its mettle. In this article, we will look at the features of the device and try to understand why the gadget has come at just the right time.

WT2 Real-time Translating Earphone along with a voice separation device as the device is being called, is the first step of the ambitious project. Their technology has tried to curb the problem of face-to-face alien languages’ barrier, which comes up while having a communication. Since communication is the first and foremost step towards developing any bond, the company has been trying to solve a number of technical barriers. In this endeavor, the tech company has already filed a pool of patents in the segment of wearable translator technology.

Through the integration of cutting edge tech and designs speaking volumes about innovation, Timekettle Technologies has its prime interests and efforts vested towards building a global brand of AI translator. The company is pretty new, having been founded in the year 2016. The founders of the company have often talked about their persistent efforts in the field of resolving barriers of language through the amalgam of tech and innovation.

Keeping this in mind, their application “Timekettle” app, as listed on Google Play store, gets to be a cross-language communication app that can be put to its optimum use and functioning. The app works in close sync with the integration of Timekettle’s very own hardware products. The Shenzen based company has been a pioneer in building devices like the Zero, WT2 Plus, etc. which can utilize the multi-lingual app. Timekettle Technologies Co. Ltd. has been an expert in the field of manufacturing and distribution of AI translators.

The brand from Shenzen, China, had earlier developed a device that consisted of two earbuds which looked much like the large AirPods. This gadget allowed its users to talk in two different languages at the same time. Now the brand has unleashed its WT2, which comes with its own set of unique features. This is the new system of two earphones that works in perfectly natural alignment for hands-free communication.

In this technology, there shall be two devices and one app. One device each is held by one of the two communicating users. The users have to speak in their own languages while the translator will make sure, the foreign language is translated for both of them. It happens at the same time for both the participating partners. The WT2 also comes with a customized charging case. This is actually very important when you are trying to build meaningful connections.

This is a one-package deal that offers a seamless interaction of wireless communication technology with some intelligent algorithms and technologies like voice translation along with many other innovations. While using the WT2, you should be able to make full eye contact and interact via the natural body language, which is easily maintained as the linguistic obstructs are dealt with. This process not just allows the users to communicate with other people in a wide array of languages, but to take their time while naturally understanding them.

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