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Tinder Now Lets People to Add Sexual Orientation Option

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Tinder is making things easier for people to express their sexual orientation on the dating app. Ever since this dating application was started it has emerged across the world. Earlier People has the only option to specify whether they wanted to see men, women or both. In an effort to support LGBTQ Community Tinder announced its plans regarding sexual orientation in collaboration with GLAAD.

Based on the Press Release of the Company, Tinder Users can now include more information regarding sexual orientation to their profiles. Through this, users can find perfect matches that suit them. Users can pick up to three terms from the available nine options such as straight, bisexual, gay, pansexual, demisexual, lesbian, asexual, queer, and questioning. For New Users, all these Options will come into the picture while signing up for the dating app whereas existing users need to choose from the Orientation tab.

In fact, you can decide whether you want to show up orientation on your profile or not. It’s up to you to keep these descriptions either private or public.

With Growing Calls for inclusivity, in recent years company added more features. Previously, it launched Tinder Lite for data limited areas. Tinder shows dedication with its updates and tries to reach millions of people. The New Initiative of Tinder towards sexual orientation will bring an impactful change. This initiative helps LGBTQ People to identify Potential Matches. Tinder Representatives stated that all these new initiatives are taken based on user feedback and also in response to a study organized by the app.

With this Study, Tinder came to know that LGBTQ Community got huge benefits with this online dating app over the past 5 Years. Based on the survey Tinder got to know that 57% of LGBTQ respondents in the United States are finding easier ways to express their Sexual Orientations.

CEO of Tinder Elie Seidman said in one of his statements “We want all our users to feel empowered expressing who they are while connecting with new people—and we’re always working to make that easier for our users.”

People who want to make changes and include more information regarding Sexual Orientation can just edit their profile. Once you click the Orientation Tab you can choose the best three terms that describe your sexual orientation. It’s your wish whether you want them to display on your profile or not. However, if you are new Tinder User you will get the Orientation feature from the beginning itself.

Users can see people of the same orientation first in their discovery preferences. With this, users will have more control over how they pick matches. But, you can’t filter out people based on Sexual Orientation. The Company stated that this is their first move in making efforts to be more inclusive.

As per many news reports, in the foreseeable future, the company will make every possible effort to redefine the product and Collaborate with GLAAD to add new features. All these new features will roll out in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, India, and New Zealand throughout June.

Tinder said this orientation may emerge as time elapses and is open to receive feedback from its users. Glad that Tinder is taking Orientation into Consideration and letting people identify their match based on it.

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