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Tinder Releases its “Face To Face” Video Chat Feature Worldwide

Tinder releases its “Face To Face” video chat feature worldwide

Sometime during May, reports stated that Tinder is involved in the rigorous testing of its ‘Face To Face’ functionality, a one-on-one video chat feature. Well, it looks like the American based online dating and networking app is all set to release this feature on a global level. Tinder has decided to launch this feature amidst the ongoing pandemic, as a video chat would help people talk directly with a prospective partner on Tinder itself, rather than taking the help of some other app like Zoom direct Face to face communication.

Moreover, with such a feature readily available within Tinder, there is no requirement of actually going out and meeting the person. Tinder couldn’t have chosen a better time to roll out this feature, especially when going out and meeting a person has become too risky. 

Face to Face is a video chat feature within Tinder that allows users to do video chatting only if they wish to do so. Tinder launched this feature during the beginning of this year in specific locations, including the US. Users can talk to each other directly, and they need not reveal much about each other. 

Tinder is well-acquainted with the dark sides of dating apps, and thus it claims to have built this feature by taking the help of its Trust and Safety team. Rory Kozoll, Head of Trust and Safety Product at Tinder, stated, “We’re excited to share that our Face to Face feature is rolling out to our global community after receiving positive feedback from our members who have had early access to it. It adds to our growing list of features built focused on member safety throughout their dating journey, like Photo Verification, Safety Center, and our offensive message detection technology.”

When social distancing and taking necessary precautions have become a norm, Tinder’s Face to Face feature gives people more scope to connect. Moreover, this feature will function only when both users have chosen to participate in it. 

Users interested in starting with a Face to Face session are required to tap on the video icon. The prospective partner would be unaware of this until he/she follows suit. Face to Face feature can be toggled off at any time if a user is not too keen to carry out a video calling session. 

Another protocol to be followed by both the users here is that both users’ videos should be turned on, and both of them need to be visible within the screen. Tinder participated in a press release during the launch of this feature when it went on to say that, “Conversation is a two-way street, and it’s better when you’re together 50/50. Plus, this helps you make sure you’re putting your best Face forward with your match.” Once the video call is done, users can give in their opinions and submit a report regarding the new feature.

Tinder has also rolled out a few recommendations for users. These include not posting or bombarding the person on the other side with lots of text messages before the video calling session and considering the other person’s convenience before planning for a video call. It is also wise for users to change their background to something nice and innovative, which may interest the other user. Tinder also suggests users can adorn themselves with something nice, or probably they can get involved together in any activity, which may help them get comfortable with each other during a first meet.

However, a word of caution here is that Tinder cannot intervene or prevent any untoward incident that happens while the video call is in progress. It is up to the users to tackle this situation. 

Face to Face features would now be available in Brazil, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Peru, Chile, the UK, and the US.

Image source: Engadget

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