Tinder is all set to launch ‘Tinder Lite’ version for data-limited areas

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The acclaimed application that made its worth in the market by starting an application that became the app of the millennium for dating and meeting new people that surround you, the creator of the same App are bringing out new App and are soon to launch a lightweight Tinder app that will make it easier to surf and meet new people.

“Tinder Lite” the app that is yet to be launched looks forward to grabbing the attention of millions of its users and to attract more new users and meet their requirement. In the chase of being the most influential in the business, a dog eats dog world where your one mistake will make your evenly matched opposition flick you put without even giving alternative thinking. Where your one blunder will sabotage your worth. Tinder is launching the app for places where data is limited and all types of smartphone friendly.

The idea of Tinder Lite was first announced by CEO Mandy Ginsberg without much specifics about the same. The app has gotten a huge amount of response from the youth of the world for whom meeting other people and slaying the dating world. Tinder has gotten quite a huge acknowledgment from the Youth in India, over high penetration in cities and thus increasing its use by more in the past years.

Ginsberg was found saying “This area has more than a dozen high-density cities with over a million people, and more young people are moving to large cities. These are really important factors that make the need for our app high and We are excited about the Tinder Lite app that will be coming soon. It’s a big step forward addressing the needs of consumers there.”

The app is customized in a way for it to be user-friendly and takes less space on smartphones. The Tinder Lite app was supposed to be focusing on the core area and not divulge into all the other features as it was supposed to reach every single person interested in using it even with limited access of data and is supposed to lead to expansion of the business by increase in the number of the users for the app.

The App to be launched will be the one with a smaller size and feasible to download on your smartphones. The company during its conference did not mention the exact date of launching but has regarded the question as “coming soon”.

Ginsberg was speaking about the promise of Southeast Asia in particular when she mentioned Tinder Lite. She noted that internet penetration had grown by nearly 15% in the region over the past five years, which made it a key area to target. The app is looking forward to even reach more remote areas or regions, where data is still charged at premiums. One always likes swapping and then choosing the person, giving them more choices.

The reason to go for Tinder Lite was to specifically focus on the needs of users in regions where data usage, bandwidth, and storage space is a great concern. The app looks forward to not only welcome but also entertain billions of people around the globe to find their perfect partner without having to worry about the other factors that were a hindrance before.

Tinder has been ruling the market with its unique ideas and features for a long time now. Though it is facing major competition from Facebook’s own new dating app.

Only time will be able to tell whether Tinder Lite will not only shake but slay the market as Tinder did when it was launched as the first official dating app for all over the world.

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