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Toshiba Adds a New Range of Home Appliances to its Indian Market

Toshiba adds a new range of home appliances to its Indian market

In the first every nationwide virtual event, Toshiba has launched a set of new home appliances in the Indian market. The Japanese brand has been a leading manufacturer of electronics and appliances in the country for a long time. The new range that has been launched by them has a two-door refrigerator, a multi-door refrigerator, washers, dryers, washing machines, and water purifiers. There’s a lot that consumers have to look forward to in this 20-21 collection.

Each product that is a part of the new line comes with new features. The multi-door refrigerator specifically has a unique convert zone feature, which adds flexibility to the model. Users can turn the bottom-mounted freezer unit into a mini-fridge if they want to because of the presence of a said feature. 

Additional intelligent features can also be noticed in the products; for instance, the three system cooling in the multi-door refrigerator ensures that the freshness inside it is prolonged for better use. The other two-door refrigerator in the line comes with its own auto ice makers function, which means an endless amount of ice cubes without much to do.

A very notable feature of the refrigerator in the 20-21 range is that all of them come with Real INVERTERTM technology, which saves up to 20% of the energy otherwise spent on an electronic without the feature. 

The range of available products is quite versatile, with 2-3 models available for each of the products that are a part of the virtually launched line of home appliances. There are a total of ten kinds of washing machine models available, four of them being top-loading while six of them being front loading. Even the two-door refrigerator has 6 models with 12 variants of SKUs.

All products that Toshiba has launched have been designed for durability by the inclusion of specific features. The real INVERTER motor, as seen in washing machines and dryers included here, is quitter, efficient, durable, and much more stable than a traditional one. 

Water purifiers are also a significant product that has been launched in the virtual event by Toshiba. They come with a unique feature with a UV shield that kills 99.9% of bacteria in water. Various models are available, including ones that can work in regions with a low flow of water, so almost anyone can install them. 

As for the price of each of these products, it is a little above average. Water purifiers start at INR 14,990 and go up to INR 27,990, depending on the model. The highest priced product is the multi-door refrigerator at INR 149, 990. Although, the other refrigerator, which is a two-door refrigerator, is priced at INR 83,990. The washers and dryers also see a wide gap between the prices and dryers priced at INR 79,990 and washing machines at INR 35,990. 

Except for the great features that these products already have, consumers can also expect great after-sales services from the company. Soon, each of them would be available for purchase through the network of dealers that Toshiba has in India.

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