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Trifo Brings Two Vacuum Cleaning Robots-Emma Standard and Emma Pet to India

Trifo brings two vacuum cleaning robots-Emma Standard and Emma Pet to India

Trifo, a firm located in California, is well-known for the technologies that it has been developing on AI and robot-based platforms. And now, the people in India can experience the working of some products developed by Trifo. The AI home robot producing company brings two of its robotic vacuum cleaners – the Emma Standard and the Emma Pet to India. Both of these products are equipped with smart movement features. 

People can order these products via Amazon or Flipkart. Robots belonging to the Emma brand require a proper Wi-Fi connection for their functioning. They are also programmed to work with Amazon Alexa for processing voice messages and commands. The Trifo Home mobile app can control both of these pet robot vacuum cleaners. This app is available on both the Apple Store as well as the Google Play Store.

Price details

The Emma Standard costs 21,990 INR. The Emma Pet is priced at 23,990 INR. Both of these products can be bought from either Amazon or Flipkart. Owing to the upcoming Diwali festival in India, when people normally tend to make huge purchases, Trifo has offered a discount of 2000 INR on both of these products. This offer is valid from October 16 to November 16. 

Specifications and features

Both the Emma Standard and Emma Pet vacuum cleaners are equipped with a battery of 2600mAh. This battery would enable the vacuum cleaners to work for 110 minutes at a stretch with a single charge. The vacuum cleaners have been programmed to return to their charging base once they are done with their work or running on a low battery.

The Emma Standard has a suction power of about 3000pa. On the other hand, the Emma Pet vacuum cleaner comes with a stronger suction power of 4000pa. The Emma Pet is also equipped with additional pet hair extractor with an anti-knotting feature preventing long pet hairs from getting stuck. 

Emma cleaners are equipped with a dustbin having a capacity of 600 ml. It means one need not have to empty this very often. The cleaning path is also wide, about 9.05 inches, created by Emma’s long brush and a side brush with six claws. The smart sensors placed below the hood promote effective cleaning by the Emma vacuum cleaner. The machine also comes with a navigation system that learns about areas at home that need regular cleaning, and it updates itself to improvise on the cleaning trajectories. 

These robotic vacuum cleaners have been developed to follow Alexa voice commands. For instance, to start the cleaning process, the user can give commands like “Alexa, turn on Emma.” The robot pays attention to this command and immediately starts its work. 

The vacuum cleaner can also be monitored and controlled via the Trifo Home mobile app. Users can perform many activities like starting, pausing, organizing, and scheduling cleaning activities all through the app. Apart from all of these, the suction power can be modified, and the user can also receive notifications of the task completion through the app. The details of all the earlier cleaning trips can also be obtained from the Trifo Home mobile app. 

Sometime during the beginning of this year, the Trifo Max robot vacuum cleaner also arrived in India. This one is equipped with a camera for home security.

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